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Mark Kosmowski
Just a person tring to make sense of all this now!
Just a person tring to make sense of all this now!

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I forgot to get soap I shower every day in the mornings..
By stor is my next thing I hope...

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That's fake...

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A few songs I have to do something...

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What you doing your hail looks so nice...

Why mobile phone cause health problem?
Mobiles transmit their calls using radio waves in the 'microwave' portion of the radio spectrum. This is exactly the same type of energy that cooks food in a microwave oven

How do mobile phones effect your health?
Enjoy reading!!!!! By regularly speaking on your mobile phone you are putting yourself at risk of a brain tumour, leukaemia, as well as severe headaches, memory loss, extreme

Old timers is really affecting people even younger it looks like

Electronic heating, RF heating, high-frequency heating are also called Dielectric heating.Click here for a great explanation of Radio Frequency Heating. Dielectric heating occurs when radio waves or microwaves heat a dielectric material due to dipole rotation. Two ways a non-conductive material can be warmed in an electromagnetic field are

Radio Frequency heating occurs as the microwaves travel through water molecules. As microwaves travel through water molecules, the molecules rotate. This motion causes friction producing heat. The satellite motion around the Earth is similar to the internal cavity magnetron which is located inside the typical microwave oven. Communication satellite microwave frequencies penetrate the atmosphere and reach the surface at high strengths. Even high enough for Satellite TV and Cell phones to receive high bandwidth signals. Some environmentalists claim that the microwave frequency mobile phones are harmful to human and animal health because of dielectric heating.

With the millions of devices on the Earth connecting to the satellites, the microwave frequencies are and an all time high constant level.

This is a close up of how the satellites react with the Earth as they rotate around our planet. The electromagnetic flow of the Earths magnetic field guides all microwaves towards the North Pole. Microwave frequencies pass through the ice, water, and other dielectric material on the earth and its atmosphere, causing a friction at the molecular level, which in turn creates heat. Eventually, the friction becomes so great and the added atmospheric convection maintains higher thermal temperatures, that the ice melts and the water increases in temperature at a gradual level. Outer atmosphere water could evaporate or accumulate at a improper rate. This could be the cause of our atmosphere ozone layer depletion

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Who thought that on up?
The thing about it you are right....
Romans 6 : 23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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You need money find a old war ground and you will strike oil trust me it is there...

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I'm not God just tell about Him at times one thing I know the west cost better cease all microwaves fires will stop...
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