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Feeling safer online with Firefox
The latest privacy and security improvements in Firefox   [This post originally appeared on Medium ] Firefox is the only browser that answers only to you , our users; so all of us who work on Firefox spend a lot of effort making your browsing experience mor...

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Valence roadmap
A few days ago I sent the following note to the Firefox devtools mailing list . The point was to start a discussion about where we want to take Valence (née Firefox Developer Tools Adapter) in 2015. I am reproducing the message below in an effort to broaden...

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My 3 year mozversary
A couple of days ago I started my 4th year at Mozilla and as with all anniversaries, it was a good opportunity to step back and reflect on my accomplishments during this past year and where I'm going next. And since Mozilla practices complete transparency, ...

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My talk at QCon SF 2013
QCon SF 2013
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In many ways, Mozilla's App Manager is how any UI development environment should be:

•  It's über easy to experiment UI changes. This is not a separate tool for editing abstract layout files. It changes the real thing, live.

•  It uses technologies that many designers are fairly comfortable with (HTML & CSS). This means prototyping ideas should be extremely simple. And it potentially allows designers and engineers to work much closer together on mobile apps.

This is where the Web really shines as a UI development platform. This is the kind of stuff that is really hard for any native platform to achieve.

I know, there is still a lot of work ahead. But this is all looking very promising!

For more information about App Manager, read:

#mozilla   #appmanager   #openwebapps   #firefoxos  

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As you've probably seen by now, Mozilla and partners are launching the first Firefox OS-based devices this week:

This is an amazing achievement. Think about it: Mozilla announced the "Boot to Gecko" experiment just 2 years ago. Since then, a lot of heavy-weight partners jumped in and we're now about to release the first devices to consumers. And all that has been done in the open from day one (!).

Having an organization like Mozilla with a strong presence in the mobile space is great news—even if you're not into the products as a consumer. Why? Because Mozilla is force for good. By having relevant products, Mozilla can steer the mobile market (and its competitors) towards more openness, respect to user's privacy, and more. This is good for everyone.

So, you should really be cheering for Firefox OS. Because, if it succeeds, your current favourite mobile platform (Android, iOS, Windows, whatever) will likely play nicer with consumers too.

#mozilla #firefoxos

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A counter-intuitive manifestation of a zero-one law: according to computer models. everyone who was alive in 1000BCE is either an ancestor of everyone alive today, or else an ancestor of nobody alive today (including people in extremely remote and isolated communities).  

This seems unbelievable until you realise that with each generation, anyone who is a descendant of the original person will propagate that property to slightly more than two people in the next generation on average.  This birth-death process either extinguishes early on, or else ignites and grows exponentially until it covers most of the world's population after a couple dozen generations; and then all the isolated holdouts eventually get "infected" through one or two migrants.  Geographical or cultural barriers can create bottlenecks for a few generations, but they don't last long (especially once the set of descendants has blown out into the millions).

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