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Mo Johnson
Work hard, play hard, have fun with both.
Work hard, play hard, have fun with both.

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So, I have a client who would like to be able to track phone leads
from his website.  So, I have a couple questions which I have come to
find out may be controversial.  I'd appreciate any real world
experience anyone can share.

1.  Who do you use for your call tracking solution?  It seems like
this service would be pretty expensive for a local business to have
(one quote I received was $150 a month for up to 225 calls) -- but
maybe there are ways to make it cheaper??

2.  The controversial part of this is on the one hand I've talked to
internet marketers who say they'd never even work with a client who
wasn't willing to install call tracking.  On the other hand, I've
talked to other IM's in the local search space who say they'd never
recommend call tracking to their clients because in order for it to
work, the phone number has to be changed on the website -- and this
could negatively impact the NAP citations and google local search/maps

So, what I really would like to understand is what is the best
practice -- to call track or not to call track?  There seem to be very
strong and credible opinions on both sides of this.  It seems like
there should be a way to call track without negatively impacting
google local listings...

Thoughts?  Thanks!


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Hi, I started a similar community for sports bloggers at

If you have a good book, I can publish it -- even if not sports related :)  

Hi all.  Welcome.  Not sure where this community will go, if anywhere.  But,  I know there are lots of sports bloggers out there who love writing about sports, write good stuff, work hard -- but the money part, ah yes, that seems elusive.  I know, been there, still there mostly.  But, we're beginning to find some traction, especially in writing e-books.  So, kind of exciting.  

I have a simple proposition.  If you have some material that can be turned into an e-book -- we'll publish it for you, free of charge, do some marketing of the book, and we split the profits.  

Anyway, that's one idea.  

Other ideas out there?  
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