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Mo Johnson
Work hard, play hard, have fun with both.
Work hard, play hard, have fun with both.


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Hi, I started a similar community for sports bloggers at

If you have a good book, I can publish it -- even if not sports related :)  

Hi all.  Welcome.  Not sure where this community will go, if anywhere.  But,  I know there are lots of sports bloggers out there who love writing about sports, write good stuff, work hard -- but the money part, ah yes, that seems elusive.  I know, been there, still there mostly.  But, we're beginning to find some traction, especially in writing e-books.  So, kind of exciting.  

I have a simple proposition.  If you have some material that can be turned into an e-book -- we'll publish it for you, free of charge, do some marketing of the book, and we split the profits.  

Anyway, that's one idea.  

Other ideas out there?  
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