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I love Girls' Life! I so wish it was available in the UK!

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Especially aimed to #sweetreats.....

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Check out the Liebster Awards! Are you a blogger with under 200 followers? If so, check out the link below to find out how you could possibly win the Liebster Awards!

Ps: Liebster in German means "dearest".

MissFF x

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Happy New Year fashionistas!

I hope you have a 2016 full of new trends, dreams, hopes and scheduled days to Westfield Shopping Centre (LOL)!

Please don't be afraid to share your New Year Resolutions with me in the comments below- mine include saving up money to buy a professional fashion kit, buy a new camera, sharing my passion for fashion and so on...

MissFF x

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Hello world full of fashions!

I'm new to Google+. I'm also new to sharing my passion all around the world.
Seeing as I'm new to all of this, I hope I'll get something out of it as well as have fun. I created the account MissFashionFeeder because of my true passion for fashion and how much I want to share my passion. SO follow me (whoever you might be) in my quest to sharing fashion with the world!
Lots of love,

FF x
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