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The Wikileaks CIA Leak: Nothing shocking, but still interesting
week, leak website Wikileaks published more than 8,000 documents
supposedly leaked from the secret files of the US Central Intelligence
Agency. The leak organization says that those pages are less than 1% of
what it has and that it's going to publ...

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An Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump
Dear President Trump, Today was a historic day. Once again, the wheels of our democratic republic turned and you became the 45th President of the United States of America. While I haven't always agreed with you, I eagerly tuned in to watch you take the oath...

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Giving up the sale to gain customers and their trust
I run a small custom software development company in Oklahoma. Our bread and butter is to consult with businesses and help them determine what software they need to best achieve their goals. Sometimes, we end up writing something new from scratch. But, more...

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It's better to be boring than rich than cool and poor
Software entrepreneurs are an interesting bunch. It seems that we're always chasing after the next "big idea"; the idea that will bring our naecent companies the billion-dollar valuations of Snapchat, Instagram, and their ilk. We have a surplus of 'really c...

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Has Microsoft finally built an iMac Killer?
Earlier today, Microsoft unveiled a new PC in the Surface line called the Surface Studio PC .  At $2,999 USD, you might think it's a bit pricey for a Windows 10 PC. But, considering the recent hardware wins for Microsoft, this PC promises to be sturdy, perf...

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All Roads Lead to The Cloud: Why On-Prim Software Makes Less and Less Sense
With high-speed Internet becoming ubiquitous and web browsers getting better, we're seeing a major shift in the way we purchase and use software.  Only a few years ago, if you wanted a word processor, you'd go to a local computer store, buy a boxed copy of ...

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Windows Nano Server: A Windows Server for the Cloud Generation
With the introduction of Windows Server 2016, Microsoft introduced a new technology called Windows Nano Server that promises to revolutionize the Windows Server landscape for a huge swath of customers and workloads. Gone are the days of memory eating and mo...

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Xojo: An awesomely easy way to develop iOS and Android apps!
As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of the cross-platform development tool called Xojo . I'm such a fan that I've all but abandoned Java and C# development and use the tool in every project I possibly can.  It's easy, it's fast, and it allows me to become p...

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Oh Snap! Has Ubuntu just developed the Holy Grail of package managers?
How many times have you wanted the latest and greatest update to a piece of Linux software only to find out that it had dependency versions that were out of sync with your system. Your system finally grab the latest update to the software you wanted. requir...
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