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Sunset at the North Pole
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how come there appears to be stars that should be blocked by the moon?
ACTUALLY....that was dust on my screen :) such a cynic..
That is literally an unbelievable photo!! Stunning!!
+Jane Dickson wow, thanks man. The photo site I saw it at showed it as an actual photo. Either way quite an amazing scene. This is in fact a feasible photo from the accounts of scientists on the North Pole that I have read in the past.
Sorry to disappoint you but it is fake. The sun and the moon have the same angular diameter seen from earth ...
Come on folks, think a bit. Solar eclipses occur because the moon is roughly the same diameter as the sun when viewed from the earth's surface. It doesn't take much to see that this has to be a fake. It's a pretty image but it could never be real.
It's a pretty picture to start off a busy Saturday with. Thanks! :)
+Brian Krassenstein How does being at the North Pole make a significant difference to the apparent size of the moon? If anything, it would appear (slightly) smaller.
Given that the moon is about 20 times as big as normal in this photo, it suggests the moon is only about 10,000 miles away, in which case we're all good as dead.
The Moon and Sun discs, as visible from the Earth, always have approximately the same size (about half a degree angle, I think). That's why solar eclipses always play out so nicely. I don't think the difference in sizes can ever, anywhere, even at the poles, be more than, say, 20 %. Here the difference is at least 1000 % (the Moon 10 times larger than the Sun in diameter), so there is no way this can be a real photo.
After finding out that it's a fake I'm gonna take my +1 elsewhere!
Yeah, this isn't at the North Pole, as +Jane Dickson linked. I used this image a few years ago for editing images and threw a wolf silhouette in there.
i love it......................................................
It's fake.. it was generated in Terragen
Now, without even setting foot to a plane, I have now seen the North Pole.
The fact that the sun and moon appear the same size in the sky led to the first accurate idea of the size of the solar system, as measured by Aristarchus, with the help of Eratosthenes, using nothing more than triangles and logic.
On the North pole, the Sun only sets once a year on the autumn equinox. To see it set from that height over the horizon you would have to wait for several more weeks.
fx k
Way cool.
This looks like a Bejeweled picture. Stunning.
oh my god! that's an exquisite picture!! awesome!
Everything is possible, Adam :)
Remember the real moon is much too small, make sure yours is atleast 10 times that size
I was just going to ask if this picture is possible.. since not many make it up there, I won't be so quick to dismiss. A cool pic either way.
+Sean Thomas Well, setting aside the ludicrous moon size that's a lot of water for the North Pole...
Beautiful image, yes. However, it's a composite image. I've had it for well into 4 years now as desktop wallpaper.
fake and probably not yours ... move on.
Photoshop, Photoshop, Photoshop.... There is no open water at the North Pole. Not to speak of the fact that the cresent of the moon comes from the the sun position relative to the Earth .
Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in.
Yes, it's fake, been going around for years.
+Daniel Schwabe I never claimed it was mine. A Buddy emailed it to me, and then I looked it up online. Couldn't find where it originated from. I'm simply sharing a cool image with my Google+ friends :)
superb.we saw the sunset at the NORTH POLE through you.we are not even go to that extreme place.OUR HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU.
+Brian Krassenstein Yes, I understand your desire. The trouble in G+ is that if you do it the way you did, it appears under your photos. There has been a lot of discussion on this subject in G+, you may be aware of that. Perhaps sharing a link, even if the thumbnail does not come out as big, would be a clearer way to do it.
In any case, it is a cool image, even if it is not really a photo!
+Daniel Schwabe I see your point. Has anyone found who actually made/shot this image? I would be more then happy to give them credit.
This image is a geographical and physical impossibility. Somebody made it for sure, but in Photoshop.
unbelievable.............awesome ......makes me spellbound ¬¬¬¬
Regardless of any other concerns - this has been a very popular post, judging from the number of likes, shares and comments :)
wt a coooooool pic....:)nvr seen before..super like
That is beautiful. Is that really the crescent moon, or is that a digital insert?
Holy shit that so ace that the best pic i seen all year
Is that the sun? It's night time... could that be Venus maybe? Reminds me of 2001 a space odyssey..
It's a Terragen render guys...
IQ of the average internet user HAS to be in the low 30's...
Clearly shopped, but still pretty.
how amazing pics can look :)
Great shot, but it looks like a Photoshop creation to me - the moon is way too big
Sorry, it's impossible, but pretty>
I found this image ages ago! Still love it though.
That's what Adobe is paying to employers for...
A good Photoshop LIE.
Brian: I'm a nature photographer who has done extensive work in the arctic, and I can assure you that that image is faked, both because the original illustrator is known, and because, from the earth, the moon and the sun are never more than ten or twenty percent different in diameter.
If you don't believe my last statement, check the diameter of the moon, the minimum and maximum radii of the orbits of the moon around the earth and the earth around the sun, and do some high-school trigonometry. You might also want to factor in the earth's diameter, but as it's only about a percent or two of the smallest of those figures, the effect of where you look from on the planet is trivially negligible.
All we need now is the monolith and it's 2001: A Space Odessey all over again. Throw in a few apes in the mix as well.
Imposible diameters from earth surfrace, too much liquid H2O for the north pole, unless it was taken by a robot sattelite from Europe Moon´s ecuator surfrace, most likely to be well digitally composed, nice job!!
La naturalezza todavia es un misterio questa mucho que descubrir 
Not real, people! It's a rendering, an imaginary landscape!
obviously not real, but that doesn't change the fact it looks awesome!
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