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My 13 year old daughter shared this with me today and i found it very inspiring!

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Wild Caught Fish is always they way to go!
["95 percent of Atlantic salmon is farmed, and most of that is dyed pink."]

4/6 of the items on this list relate to stomach-turning meat practices. Every time I read one of these "disgusting horrors of the food industry" exposés, I'm once again relieved to be a lifelong vegetarian.  <shudder>

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Not everyone can pull off a StartUp and not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur so where are all these people going to work if we have to get use to layoff?

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Designing The Future - The Venus Project

Clean Sources of Energy Projects

The major concern is to protect and restore the environment for the benefit of all living creatures in the community of life. The purpose of the construction and development of these power projects is to free human beings from unnecessary laborious tasks. In order to achieve this society, we will need to automate most jobs as quickly as possible.

-Oceanographers told us in the late twentieth century that if we tapped the vast energy potential of the world's oceans occupying 70.8% of the earth's surface, we could easily meet present and future energy needs for millions of years to come.

-Another vast untapped energy option is the development of piezoelectric materials, or laminated systems inside cylinders, activated by the rise and fall of the tides.

-Many others include wind, wave and tidal action, ocean currents, temperature differentials, falling water, geothermal, electrostatic, hydrogen, natural gas, algae, biomass, bacteria, phase transformation, and thermionics (the conversion of heat into electricity by boiling electrons off a hot metal surface and condensing them on a cooler surface). Additionally, there is the potential of Fresnel lenses to concentrate heat.

-Fusion energy is the same energy that drives the cosmos and the stars. When we learn how to harness it, the world’s energy problems will be solved forever, without any detrimental effects or dangerous toxic materials to be disposed of. The only residue would be the clean ash of helium.

-Geothermal power, or power extracted from the heat of the earth, is being used throughout the world with tremendous success. Scientists predict that if we develop and harness only 1% of the geothermal energy available in the crust of the earth, our energy problems would be eliminated.

-Geothermal energy can supply more than 500 times the energy contained in all the world’s fossil fuel resources while reducing the threat of global warming. Geothermal power plants produce very little pollution compared to fossil fuels, and emit no nitrogen oxide or carbon dioxide. A relatively small area of land is required for the power plant itself. Without oil and natural gas companies controlling a monetary economy, geothermal power would become the most economical and efficient way to heat and cool buildings. If we were to apply just one tenth of what is currently spent on military equipment to the development of geothermal generators, we could have long ago solved our energy shortages.

-In areas such as Iceland, geothermal energy is used to grow plants year round in enclosed areas. In the resource-based economy using this method, enormous amounts of fresh vegetables can be cultivated in all seasons. A similar process can be used for fish farming and in regions where heating and cooling are needed. Massive underwater structures could run a portion of the flow of the Gulf Stream through large turbines to generate clean electric power. The turbines would have a centrifugal separator and deflectors to prevent harm to marine life.

-A land bridge or tunnel across the Bering Strait between Asia and North America could generate electrical power and collect and process marine products. Beneath and above the ocean surface would be tunnels to transport passengers and materials. Pipelines could bring fresh water from melting icebergs to other parts of the world. This structure would not only provide a physical link between continents, but would also serve as an avenue for social and cultural exchange.

The resource-based economy would quickly go to work on clean sources of energy. This is only possible when there are no more monetary limitations in the way of accomplishing or providing what’s needed. With the restrictions of profit, property, and scarcity eliminated, research labs would quickly begin working together and sharing information freely.

For more info and education about +The Venus Project I urge you to visit

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TED Finally Posted The Income Inequality Speech You Weren't Supposed To See
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