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So following a combination of several of events I have decided to change the way I post content on the web. For years I hosted content at using a combination of WordPress and Gallery. About 2 years ago after fighting with the Gallery/WordPress integration and blog spam, I started posting photos to MobileMe Gallery and ignoring the blog posting. Thanks to the impending release of iCloud and the death of MobileMe I was once again in search of a solution.

Enter Google+
After reading about several Tech personalities (like Kevin Rose) who re-directed their blog sites to their Google+ profiles I thought the would be a good approach. By leveraging "circles" I can host photos and "blog posts" as public as was but also in that same location host more private photos and comments.

So any here goes. I have redirected the domains to my Google+ profile and started moving photos.

Let's hope Google+ does not go the way of Buzz :-)
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