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Read up on the Python 2.x to 3.x forward compatibility. There's a 2to3 program that does a stupendous job of taking your Python 2.x script and making it 3.x compatible if you follow Python's rules & standards for Py 2.x
Should you try writing your python scripts so they will run on both python 2.7 and python 3? For example, in scripts that pull html using urllib2 in Python 2.7, should you use the os module and if statements, to pull using urllib2 if python 2.7 and requests if python 3?

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Just had one of those "Holy crap!" moments while trying out the new conversational search in Chrome.

Does anyone know how to fix/repair a GoogleTalk plugin installation problem? I'm missing out on the TA Hangouts because of this issue,

What is a good Kenyan appetizer? I've got a bucket of Mormon survival rations but I'm missing the Democratic food for my DEBATE DAY! party tonight.
Everyone's coming, right?

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Espresso machines in the kitchens at work. Talk about velvet handcuffs...

Back from Shanghai. Now for the couple of days where I'll wake up from 8 hrs of sleep and immediately feel like it is time to go to bed...

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