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Some more much needed inspiration!
Enjoy 4 video tutorials where Karl Taylor tests the very latest Siros Lighting Kit. Portraits, Fast Flash & On Location photography. Watch! - Page 4
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Lee Walker

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Hitched In Vegas!

Whao! Time Flies...
I literally remember uploading my last shot, went to work, log back on , and find that a month has passed since my last upload!

I haven't had much time to get the camera out these passed couple of months, and even though I have a shed load of shots to still upload from my most recent trip (The end of america, Japan, China and finally Scotland), I have no time to go through and upload them :(


A couple of you noticed a few uploads back that i stopped referring to my significant other as Girlfriend and Started referring to her as my Wife! Yep! We decided to get married during our trip in America! (Vegas to be precise!) We didn't really plan it but had talked about the possibility of doing it a couple of weeks before leaving.

And so, after our road trip around Arizona and up to Utah, we decided to head back to Vegas to tie the knot!

Very surreal experience! We managed to find our way to the City offices, register with the marriage license people and get the paper work we needed (to present to the minister), now all we had to do was find a place to have the ceremony. Turned out to not be so easy!

We rang a few places, but we were only able to get a spot in a few days time (we were only in Vegas for 2 days before flying to San Francisco), so this wasn't an option.
We rang another place, managed to get a spot for the next morning, and went to only be turned away for not having witnesses.
We camped out outside the 'Pop Up Wedding Chapel' at the Cosmopolitan Casino and hotel, waiting for it to open at the signed time of 3pm.... it didn't open!

Finally, I decided ot ring one more place before the day ended and we got ready for our flight out. I rang 'the Little White Wedding Chapel' (Which married various big names), and apologised for the short notice but hoped they could marry us on that day (It was 5pm).
They said 'yeah! No Problem! We're opn until 11pm, come when you like!
.... fair enough!
We went, filled out a form, they asked us if we had any witnesses.... we, again, apologised and said no.
'No Problem! This is Dave! Dave, this is Lee & Sayaka!
Witness sorted!

We walked through to the chapel, and before we got a few steps in the music started! Dum Dum Di Dum!
Within 4 minutes it was all done and we were walking out.
another couple we saw arrive shortly after us, looked stunned and said 'Was that it!? Are you married now!?'
Yep! all done. Your turn!

We went to see a show later that evening, spent our last night in Vegas and then got a flight to San Francisco early the next morning.

It was all very sudden, and with hyping ourselves up, but then having trouble at first finding a place and thinking its not going to happen, it still ended up being quite an exhausting day! lol

We do plan on a big celebration and party once we're settled in England.... Its just turning out to be difficult to settle in England! Not so easy for my wife to get a visa, so we're apart at the moment and hence why i'm working ridiculous amounts (financial requirements of visa application).

Keep fingers crossed and if all goes well we will be back together again before next summer.

So! I apologize in advance for my lack of activity. I don't think im going to get much chance to get online for the next year (Trying to hold down 2 jobs), i'll catch up when I can and thank you all for your comments to date!
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Wow, big congrats, Lee!!!
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'Zion National Park' Utah!

I didn't take many landscape shots at Zion. Instead, I decided to take the telephoto lens with me and attempt some wild life photography!

I didn't see anything REALLY wild... but I was lucky with what i did see - A few wandering Deer, Plenty of Lizards, and a hell of a lot of Squirrels!

I quite enjoyed playing around with the telephoto lens, normally only use the standard Kit lens or the nifty fifty.

#roadtrip #usa #zionnationalpark  
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The animals are very, very good.But the b&w landscape is the best I've seen in a long time! Wow!:-) :-) :-) :-)
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'Upper Antelope Canyon'

After seeing Glen Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, we spent the night at a Super 8 motel and then the next day saw Upper Antelope Canyon.
This was a strange experience... after seeing so much with no fences and no barriers, it was strange to have to be guided and shepherded through the canyon.
first of all - We were lucky to get on a tour (you really need to book in advance), Limited numbers and VERY popular.
Secondly - They say small groups, but that doesn't matter. you've got groups 2 steps in front, and 2 steps behind, all moving at a fair speed. So you don't have much time, and you're lucky if you can get shots without people in!
Having said this, it was still a good experience! The walls of the Canyon really are amazing.
And the tours guides are pretty good - they understand people are there to get good shots, and do there best to help (in the quickest time possible).
There was also 'Photographic Tours' that cost extra - But you don't get any more benefits really. Your group may be smaller but there's still that group in front and behind you.
All in all.... I recommend you see them if you get the chance! Amazing light and colours!

#USA #Roadtrip #antelopecanyon  
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After reading your comment , I am amazed about the quality of your pictures! Beautiful :-) :-) :-) :-)
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'Horseshoe Bend'

On the same evening we saw Glen Canyon, we decided to hop back in the car, put our foot down and get to Horseshoe Bend before Sunset.
Its just a 10minute drive from Page, with an extra 10minute walk from the car park, so we made it in good time.

I'm really glad we saw this place. In my eyes, it rivals the Grand Canyon.
You find yourself following a dirt path from the car park and then it just kind of appears after a while - another HUGE canyon!

I wasn't just impressed by its size a shape, but by the fact that its completely wide open and accessible - no barriers or fences! .... its crazy! and Dangerous!
For our whole time there I had Sayaka screaming at me to stay away from the edge while i'm trying to shoot a pano .... which is funny.... because it was her screaming that was making me more nervous and flinch ....

All in all - Very cool experience!

7 shot panorama taken with a Nikon D7000 from the very edge of the Canyon.

#roadtrip #usa #travelphotography #horseshoebend  
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Here's a couple more shots from sunset at The Grand Canyon.

We were lucky enough to be there for 3 of them - Each of them providing incredible sights! 

#sunsetphotography   #grandcanyon   #inspiration  
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beautiful images
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Lee Walker

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Makes it look so easy!
Also, wifi controlled lighting! Awesome
Enjoy 4 video tutorials where Karl Taylor tests the very latest Siros Lighting Kit. Portraits, Fast Flash & On Location photography. Watch! - Page 3
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Lee Walker

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Yeah..... definitely need to bring this to UK!
It's going to be some upset ppl but who cares,right is right and when u abuse the system for so long,the good will suffer for the bad#UncleSamDontPlay
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'The Road To Paradise'

After Visiting Places in Arizona, we left Page and set off for Zion National Park in Utah!
Its quite difficult to set up camp in at Zion. You're only allowed to camp in designated grounds.... and theres only a couple of camp grounds!
We arrived there later on in the day (after spending the morning at Antelope Canyon), and were unable to get a spot. One of the Park Rangers advised us to come first thing the next morning for a chance of getting a spot for the next evening!
We drove to Springdale (which is a very close town) and were lucky enough to get a room in a Lodge there (but even that was quite difficult - rooms filled by people not able to get a camp spot). the next morning we got up bright and early and went back to the camp ground, managed to get a spot, and set up shop for a couple for days!
We were lucky, that morning the camp ground filled again by 11am!

Next up - Zion!

#roadtrip #usa #zionnationalpark  
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Awesome timelapse!

Mt. Everest time-lapse

Experience the beauty of Mount Everest by night in time-lapse. Movie by Elia Saikaly.

This time-lapse video is comprised of thousands of photographs, processed and assembled on Mt. Everest.

He took with him 7 cameras and 30 accu's incl. a tripod. (According to the Swiss news)

#timelapse #mounteverest
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'Glen Canyon'

After leaving The Grand Canyon, we drove up to Page for the night. We planned to stay there one night, see Antelope Canyon the next morning and then drive to Zion National Park.
During our evening there we randomly stumbled across another canyon! We were really surprised by the view here, great location to see the Colorado river!
These were shot from the final bend near Glen Canyon Dam - Where the Colorado River joins Lake Powell.

#USA #roadtrip  
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How stunning! I'd love to visit the Canyon one day :)
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'The Night Sky Over The Canyon'

Another reason why i loved the Grand Canyon - The stars at night!
Millions of them!! 
I was lucky enough to spend 2 nights camping here and take in this amazing view! 

I don't know much about astronomy, but after seeing this sky... i really want to learn!

#grandcanyon   #longexposure   #stars  
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+Joanna Ortynska thank you for the info! Definitely look into that! :OP
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