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Finishing up some big camera systems right now. People do want local storage they can trust, it us worth the price to buy the good equipment the first time instead of having the cheap product break every year.

We sell the best quality cameras that Honeywell, Flir, and GeoVision have to offer!

Remember- buy it once, and no subscription fee to keep it in an off site storage, it's yours and it is under your control, that's how we do cameras. Yes, we can do a subscription model, but why when you can buy the equipment, have it professionally installed, and know that there product has a three year warranty and the service has over year where we guarantee it will be fixed?

Cameras are the biggest request we have right now, get in on it while we are active, lots of sales happening, lots of great new things on the market that you will love.

Another day, another O'Reillys Auto Parts. Lima, Ohio, our home town just got another one of these great stores and we installed the security. Criminals and crooks look out, because when we secure a home or business you better believe it's secure!

Good to get a start on this great social network.
We provide many services to both homes and small businesses-from home burglar alarms and life safety systems to full business class fire alarms, telecommunications, access control systems and CCTV. If you have any need for any of our services feel free to contact us for free information and a free quote.
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