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A huge plume of smoke from the Jaroso fire near Santa Fe on June 11th.

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SimpliBudget featured as one of MacLife's 20 great apps under $20!

The hardest thing about developing apps is when you get a horrible 1-star review on the App Store. Especially if it isn't even accurate. The frustrating thing is that there is no way to respond to it either! I'd like to see Apple institute a peer-review process for reviews themselves, or at least give developers a voice to respond!

Become very addicted to The Walking Dead.

Awesome, a 5-star rating for Let's Go Dutch! on the iPhone app review:

Way to go Wiggo! Best result in British sport in my era of watching British sport!

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How best to monetize iOS apps? Right now I'm using a simple model: people pay to download the apps. However, most folks don't want to pay for apps. Is selling advertising a better model? Then, there is an overwhelming number of ways to try to increase sales including review sites, advertisement banners, sponsored tweets and other types of social network campaigns, and releasing free/lite apps to try to hook customers who will buy the paid version.

Fourth rejection by Apple for my iCloud update. I feel like I've hit a brick wall. Worst thing is that it works fine for me, but not for Apples App testers when they try it out - makes it very difficult to debug!
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