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Light Up Your Life!
Light Up Your Life!

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Happy birthday to me!
A few days ago, I celebrated my
birthday. And that would be the most memorable
birthday in my life. Today. Another heart-broken story. It feels
unbearable now but I know it’s gonna be ok. I’m gonna be ok. Definitely. Just that I must pretend that I’m all

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Day-out @ Tadom Hill
Tadom Hill - went there last
Saturday for Office team day-out. It’s not difficult to find the place using
Waze. Only that the junction from main road quite narrow and I only noticed the
small banner once we turned in. No big archway, no tarred road, just dr...

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Salam Nuzul Quran
I rarely speak about Islam because I know I’m too far from
perfect. But I’m writing this as I was triggered by reading some nasty comments
about Islam – which you can also read from this video. I just want to spread the idea that - we all should respect

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Once you walked away
i have to admit that i used to like you very much and i still remember the way you treated me very well i dreamt to be with you eventho it seems impossible - sometimes made me thinking alot about what if and how just to make this relationship works i gave y...

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Oh duit
Duit duit duit Pagi petang siang malam asek pikir duit Cuba jugak simpan dalam tabung sikit sikit Tapi hutang yang membukit Bila dapat gaji bayar bil sana sini Tambah headache time ada emergency Blom kira kalau kete rosak lagi Terpaksa hidup kais pagi makan...

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2017 already??!
Happy New Year everybodehhh~ Time really flies.  Rasa macam baru je celebrate new year 2016 dengan besfren kat hospital - sebab dia warded. Dan skang dengan tetiba, 2017 menjelma. A year is wasted - again - as I achived nothing.  Other than, new job (thank ...

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Which flower would you pick?
You were asked
to walk through the garden and pick just 1 flower that you think is the most
beautiful. You are only
permitted to walk ahead, cannot turn back. When you
start walking, you see a lot of beautiful flowers. You didn’t know which one to
pick so y...

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Someone  Who you can talk to about everything  About family, friends, car to cat  2-3 hours fly so fast when you chat  Conversation never ends like you won't meet again   Someone  Who has the same taste of music   And always share the latest favorite song  ...

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Dari hati untuk lelaki
Wa memang suka mamat smart  Tapi jangan la metrosexual sangat  Wa tengok pon penat  Yang asek kontrol hensem tu lagi meluat   Wa suka yang rambut pacak   Tak nak la botak  Pakai kasut lepak kedai mamak  Kalau pegi shopping complex  Pakai short pon takpe asa...

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Dari kawan untuk kawan
Kalau tak suka  Cakap je  Jangan tarik muka  Kita bukan budak darjah 5  Suka merajuk sini sana  Tetiba tak bertegur sapa    Aku berkawan senang je  Tak suka berkira  Lebih kurang dah le  Hal kecik takyah terasa  Tak suka marah tak tentu hala  Kalau kau timb...
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