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Idk wtf that shit in my blood is. It's grossing me out big time. 

My leg is throbbing. Kind of like...imagine you got stabbed in the hip, and that pain traveled all the way to your toes. Then that leg went numb and couldn't support your weight. That's me right now.

They say it's my sciatic (sp?)nerve but I bac absolutely no back pain just from my left hip joint down to my toes. My god its agonizing I want to cut my damn leg off. Can barely walk with this shit.

So it's my birthday. I'm going to pick up my birthday cake because I am the cake getter at work and honestly no-one gives a flying fuck about me anymore there anyway. I'm going to eat my princess cake and be obnoxious as fuck today. 

I truly have a wonderful life, and I really don't deserve it.

Medicare approved today. 100% disability in the process of being approved soon. And I can still work! Can't believe I finally got some good news.

A fucking June bug bumbled into my car and I cant get it out!! I know it won't hurt me but OMGGGGG I HAVE TO GET IT THE FUCK OUT OR I'M GOING TO CRASH MY CAR. +Kory Steele halp?

This place is gonna kill me. Not used to warehouses.

Whyyyy does Toadies come on right when I'm about to walk in the building??? 😣

And i start my second job tonight. Omg...I am a little freaked. Never done this type of work before, and my husband +Shawn Hively says it's too much for me :/
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