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(Not) Fail! #flipclass flashblog
#flipclass flashblog topic is about an essential teaching practice. There are
many things involved in teaching. Reflection has always driving my practice, but I would have to say that when I embraced
the idea that failure is just part ...

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What’s In A Deadline? (#flipclass flashblog)
Are due dates important or is it more important students
have the time they need to learn? Yes, both are the answer. Students need to
know that both hard and self-determined deadlines exist. Cramming for an exam
and time-management are both skills that will...

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Taking A Run At Project Based Learning
Teaching Scientific Research and Design as a Project –Based Learning
course has been an evolution. What started out as short projects (2 – 6 week
duration) has become a course with an intro project, a yearlong project and an
end-of-year field trip and proje...

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Things to Learn in a Shark Tank
We have just finished the proposal phase for our Eagle Solar
Charging Stations. The plan is to build stations to place around the high
school that would charge multiple phones using stored solar energy. We chose 5
different stations from 2 classes to build ...

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Positively Positive, I Think (#flipclass flashblog)
Creating a positive environment starts within. Whether it is
within the classroom or throughout the campus, my attitude is where it starts.
It is amazing how much a simple smile and a kind word can change a room. While
this may sound cheesy, think about how...

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Creating an Environment for Learning (#flipclass flashblog)
We all know that students, especially high school students, will
say whatever they are thinking.  For good
or bad it is what it is. There have been some days when I was not happy about
that. But I have had at least two days, one last year and again last Fri...

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My Dream PLC (#flipclass flashblog)
Wow, building the ideal Professional Learning Community
(PLC), what a dream. I have been lucky to be part of some great teams. There
are some common factors to all of the teams.                             Common Goal In our case it was always “what is best...

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Flipping Parents to Your Side (#flipclass flashblog)
I am going to short cut this blog and provide some resources that I have created, or helped create, to help get parents to be your partners as you work to innovate your classroom. Lanier's Class Introduction  video Engaging Parents in Flipped Learning More ...

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Class Vs Clas
The year has come to an end. My first real
project-based-learning course with a single large project is nearly over. Two
classes, two quad copters, same process throughout the year, two different
results; I have summer vacation to figure out how to duplicat...
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