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New, this configuration would cost over $12K from HP. At about $7.5K this HP Z820 workstation with dual E5-2687W CPUs, 128GB RAM, liquid cooling and NVidia Quadro 6000, is a sweet deal. While the Quadro card is a bit old in the tooth, gobs of memory and fast processors still make it a terrific editing system.

(We don't know the seller and endorse neither them nor the product.)

To make it an editing system for, say, Adobe Premiere Pro CC: swap the graphics card fro Quadro K5000 or GeForce GTX-780 Ti; add internal or external storage; monitors.

As with any used or "open box" products, check the remaining warranty and seller's reputation before buying.

Can't uncircle a suspended page? If you have a page (or perhaps a personal G+ profile) in your circles that got suspended (like a fake Adobe After Effects page) - are you able to uncircle it? I can't - the option to uncircle it is just not available. Perhaps G+ disables all the usual functionality for suspended pages, e.g. you can't circle, mention or otherwise interact with it - yet shouldn't the option to UNcircle it be available? +Google+ Help - any chance you know the way?

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The tools and information +Dennis Radeke is sharing should help with installation issues with +Adobe CC apps.
If you have issues with a CreativeCloud install, then this page is absolute gold!  Step by step along with a lot of tools and information.  share this one with your #Adobe users!

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Thanks +Dan Tynan for the helpful post. Still can't figure out how to appeal a suspended page. Where is that much mentioned appeal form? No help from +Google+ Help yet. Perhaps +Pavni Diwanji would know?

Can community manager move or edit someone else's posts? (E.g. misposted in the wrong category.)

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G+ page was correctly taken down for impersonation. I made the changes to remove the violations and would like to appeal. How?

The G+ help page mentions that it's possible but doesn't seem to say how.


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Resistive RAM technology you won't be able to resist: DRAM-like speeds, 100TB capacities, denser-than-NAND. Will I live long enough to see that?

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Windows 8.1: the Start button is back!!!! Halleluja!
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