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Mama, I've seen them, the others like me...
Mama, I've seen them, the others like me...

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It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.
I had a brief moment of insanity yesterday. I saw something I've seen a million times but it hit me differently, striking deeper than usual. I saw someone arguing a pro-life stance claiming to have journal articles, evidence, facts, etc that backed up her v...

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The end is built into the beginning.
After I talked a big game about how seeing theatre is always work, about how for me there is never magic, I had the floor ripped out from under me last night, and it was amazing. It wasn't immersive either - imagine that. Last night I saw Andrew Schneider's...

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Top Five Works of Art Discovered/Experienced in 2016.
1. Blackstar - David Bowie This had to be #1. I am still crushed by his death and this incredible, moving, ambitious, risk-taking piece of art he left behind. The term "Blackstar" in my house has taken on significance in the wake of his death. This album qu...

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Gratitude, or Why This is the Best Christmas Ever.
This is my favorite time of year. And this has been a brutal year on so many levels, mostly on the global/geopolitical level, though I've had some minor difficulties of my own. But I love the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and have been waiting al...

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Inaction gets us nothing.
On December 19 the Electoral College convenes to cast its votes for president. They don't have to vote for Trump. They can vote their conscience. It's called being a faithless elector. The Electoral College was created specifically for this - it's up to us ...

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Dear Mr. Trump - A letter from the "real world"
Dear Mr. Trump. You don't know me, and you've done absolutely nothing to show me that you care about me or that you intend to be "my" president, should you actually somehow win on November 8 (Nate Silver seems to think that's highly unlikely right now). See...

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Immersive Adventures in Los Angeles: TENSION: ASCENSION, Mirrors held up to ourselves
"This is a mirror being held up to a person. It's an art installation. It's a living, breathing thing that you interact with. And it will only be unlocked based on how far you're willing to go." - Darren Lynn Bouseman "None of you understand. I'm not locked...

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Shifting of the gaze.
On Tuesdays I have my students bring in images they find compelling, and we discuss each one of them in turn and why - attempting to keep the discussion to elements of design, or the storytelling that might be going on in the image. (Thanks, Laura Eckelman,...

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That sigh of relief you heard coming from south Austin? That was me.
Like most artists I work a day job.  Or, at least, I did.  I lost my day job in November and have been unemployed since then. You would think, as I did, that being unemployed would lead to huge bouts of creative inspiration and productivity.  After all, you...

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Five Things: Notes After All of the Techs.
I have had a crazy three and a half months and have hit a three week window of lovely downtime. Catching up on reading, research for upcoming shows, games, hanging out with the cats, remembering that I have friends, and planning a very huge, very exciting, ...
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