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Kirstin Rowan (Rowan Tree Toys)

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My Life as a White Trash Zombie
My Life as a White Trash Zombie Diana Rowland, DAW Books, July
2011, 310 pgs Angel Crawford is a loser. A high
school dropout with a criminal record and a pill habit, she lives with her alcoholic
dad in the swamps of southern Louisiana, bouncing from one cr...

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Nostalgia & Zombies
I’ve decided to start my blog with books that follow a
theme, and since October (or as I call it, the month of Halloween) is pretty
much my favorite, I went with the old tried-and-true theme of zombies. I’ve
read a lot of zombie books – some were good, some...

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Better Late Than Never
Hi, I’m Kirstin, and I’m addicted to books. I’m a voracious
reader, usually finishing a 400+ page book between breaks at work and devouring
multiple larger books on a day off. I’ve successfully navigated a busy high
school hallway without taking my eyes off...

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Fun Fact Friday! Or: My Not So Secret Shame...
I love terrible shows. I love them. Shut up! I love them! And I don't mean I love them, but no-one else knows - I mean EVERYONE KNOWS. I fly my lame nerd flag proudly. You don't believe me? You think I'm exaggerating? I LOVE BIKER MICE FROM MARS. It was a s...

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Oooo, this is nice! I feel a bit like the Doctor with a new regeneration! Eyes, check. Arms, lovely - can't make anything without those; fingers - all in working order. Knees ... bit dodgy, but they'll do. Curiosity, check! Imagination... is crammed as full...

Just shared 3 stores that have GREAT patterns - go to Etsy and check them out!

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So I just got 3 new patterns from my fellow crafters on Etsy - OH MY GAWD I AM SO EXCITED TO MAKE THESE TOYS!!!!! ahem ahem I mean, they're cool...

I got an adorable dragon pattern from SewLolita, an excellent My Little Pony base from dolphinwing, and a Luna from Sailor Moon (the cat was the only character I liked. Shut up.) from the talented WhittyKittyArt. I'll have to link them separately - apparently, I can't work Google+ yet. :p
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