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I find this EU cookie law so annoying.  Yes, I know what cookies are, yes I know what impact they have on my privacy, yes I know virtually every site doing something useful uses them.  But no I definitely do not want to see an annoying popup on every site, warning me about them.

There might be good intentions behind this thing, but I don't think it will help the average consumer at all, because everyone just clicks stuff away anyway.

Does anyone know about a good browser extension for firefox that detects these things, and just makes them go away?

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Sometimes I think I'm lazy. Then I read this.

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Hah, didn't even realize this was about South Tyrol at first. And I didn't know public administration was switching to LibreOffice.  Kudos for the choice anyway.
MS Office Versus Paycuts: Guess Who Wins?

The autonomous province of South Tyrol, in Northern Italy, was facing austerity measures and had a choice: paycuts or layoffs for employees, or get rid of their Microsoft Office licensing fees. They chose to give Office the old heave ho in favor of LibreOffice.

Office productivity software is no longer something people really have to pay for. Only inertia has kept MS Office's margins as high as they are (the Office division still yields the largest share of Microsoft's revenue).

It has taken cost cutting measures for many companies and organizations to realize how unnecessary the expense has been, but ultimately Office software is now a free or extremely affordable solution, whether in the form of free alternatives like LibreOffice, free cloud services like Google Drive, or affordable enterprise solutions like Google Apps.

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Valgrind sounds angry. "More than 10000000 total errors detected.  I'm not reporting any more."

It's fun how Switzerland is the model for everyone now, because they made it to the final. Something that happens 1 out of 20 times, because everything just fit in this tournament. They worked their asses oft and really wanted to win, but the team wasn't better than last years, on paper at least.

I don't think this performance makes them a favorite for a medal for the next few World Championships, as there are a quite few better teams than them (when you look at the individual players they are the 7th best team at best).

They should have been a model for a few nations for a few years now though, because of the way they develop and bring out great players from a relatively small country, but ending up closely missing the quarter final or making it to the final at the World Championship shouldn't make any difference there.

I thought by now everything on my laptop should be IPv6 ready or at the very least not crash when there is an IPv6 address on the machine.


Emacs doesn't like IPv6 very much. I've tried to fire the editor up a couple of times, nothing happened. Tried to compile it from scratch, some error message. Searched for a while and found out that it may have something to do with IPv6. Disabled my IPv6 tunnel and voila, emacs worked again without any complaints. This is in 2013 with a fresh clone of their repository (commit hash: fe6f0d9).

I guess someone needs a time machine to arrive in the present.

A while ago I signed up for the Steam Linux beta. Filling out the questionnaire, there were questions about the distro I'm currently using, which is fedora, and which driver I'm using, which I answered with the open-source driver.

So today I get the invite, being happy to get to test it, go to the website, and then they state it's only for Ubuntu and I'd have to install the proprietary driver.

Why let me fill out that questionnaire if you don't care about it anyway valve?

I'd love to see someone trying to use my current setup. Linux with Xmonad as window manager and a slightly modified Colemak keyboard layout. I guess there is no need for locking my screen anymore.
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