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Is there any way to configure an Android device that hasn't been touched in some extended period of time to require a full password unlock? Even if there's no PIN code set on the device? Honestly, I think this should be default behavior. Like after say, two weeks, if a device hasn't been used (including if it's gone uncharged for two weeks), it should just require the Google account password to unlock.

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I've created a petition to the White House to respect the right to freedom of encrypted speech. Every post you make on Facebook or Google+ is encrypted (note the lock icon up in the left-hand corner of your screen). Much of the activity you engage in on the internet today is encrypted. Popular apps like iMessage and WhatsApp could be forced to change their algorithms or become illegal under such a system. The government has indicated that they want companies and individuals to give them a set of master keys to allow them to bypass that encryption whenever they please. Naturally, they promise that they'll get a warrant. Probably. Except for all of those times that they didn't.

Encryption is the one good tool that the public has to keep an intrusive snooping government out of their business. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has already ruled that it is a constitutionally protected right to publish encryption algorithms.

If the government gets its way, we will all be less safe from hackers and identity thieves, and our privacy will be further eroded by intelligence agencies that have repeatedly overstepped their bounds.

For this petition to become publicly visible, I need 150 signatures. I'd like to make a really big stink about this, but the petition has to be publicly discoverable for me to do that successfully. Please help by signing! Please help by sharing this post.

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In case you weren't aware, I've been working on building out BitPesa's payment architecture for the last few months. Great way to send money back home to family in Kenya.

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Heh. Google working on a glucose monitoring contact lens? Sure, that totally has nothing at all to do with figuring out how to get Google Glass down to the size of a contact lens.

Still, consider me impressed.

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Love you guys, but...

Google Maps API TOS question: If we use the Google Maps static API, can we cache the images locally to keep our usage down?

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This is very much akin to the kind of auth I've been hoping to see emerge. My ideal world would be one in which this was a secure service managed by the phone's OS, with something similar in the browser. And honestly, I'd like to see this be the primary factor in lieu of passwords.

I haven't been able to use Google+ in awhile. I think I'm starting to realize why. Google+ is using what I suspect may be a serious design anti-pattern. Google+ has always seemed a bit noisy to me compared to its peers, but in the current design incarnation, that noise has been ratcheted up to 11. It's the zig-zag 3-column layout of stories. I can't visually scan 3 columns at once when each story in a given column starts at an offset from the stories in the columns next to it. There are no headlines to grab me and pull me into a story I've scanned over as there would be in a multi-column newspaper layout. So instead, I scroll down, try to find something that grabs my eye and... I just keep scrolling. I feel my eyes flitter back and forth over the columns but I can't focus on anything. The layout guarantees that the only cognitive engagement that can happen on the platform are memes because nothing else can grab you and pull you in long enough.

It's a beautiful design that doesn't function. Unless of course you measure yourself only on content engagement. In which case, by all means, meme away.

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I haven't heard much on Activity Streams in quite some time. Has the spec reached some kind of general consensus at this point?

#comcast  is down for the third day in a row. Comcast customer service says, "Sorry, our hands are tied."
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