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on KENZO android O latest build, is hidden wifi bug fixed or not...? thanx..

How to personalize notification and quick setting panel to be transparant ...?

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is there official build for Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo)..? where is to download..?

on Kenzo, OTA update from build 20120220 to 20120221 successful, and bug fixed,
sim not detected -> fixed,
Developer Option blank screen -> fixed,
THanx for aicp team,
I could not help, I can only report errors that appear and hopefully it can be a little help to further make it a better rom
(translate with google translate, sory)

Build 20170220 Kenzo bugs still appeared, not fixed, can not open Developer Option, sim card not detected.

Hi guys, after flashing latest build for Redmi note 3 pro (kenzo) I found a new bug. I can not open developer option, after tap on "developer option" menu, I got blank page, only black. and SIM card not detected.

i use mokee rom last build, for kenzo (xiaomi redmi note 3), and flash opengapss super or stock package. but, the pixel icon didn't show up, the google apps use old icon not pixel icon (circular icon), (on other cudtom rom, the icon change to pixel icon) it bugs..?
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