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De waarheid blijft als het eerlijk gezegd wordt zo

Suggerdaddy's bestaan niet maar wel mannen die denken een jong ding te kunnen laten denken dat ze geld krijgt voor aandacht te geven.
Wake up call

A real suggerdaddy is a old scool chanser who love you to come along in his jearny

Today's yearny is getting a lot of bla And nog cash

When you talk about cash alle of a sutten something apears do the pay-date would not go treu like if i AM a idiote

I did a job that made me get the know hoe man work and tot be honnest u should know

A sugger daddy is An man who want to juse you and if hè gives any respect,
THANKS FOR YOUR LOYALTY he whil bring you present like every thime hè Comes in contact whit you.

PS hè would want your time not your body

If you are being asked For sex OR naked pictures

Contact the police because you are being taken, abused of so if you wanna be a slut go ahead but don't ever forget what i said

Man are hunters and whill only try to fuck the shit out of your whitout givving at all

I need to Gill in that there are som real man around that have the Wright to call thenselfe suggerdaddy's but there instinct 😵

Because a credit card should be one of your first first An yes there is a limit of Maybe 50€ in the begin because

You Are there For the Friendship your beauty and also For the appridiation you Will make surgise at your daddy

Sow good lucky and i hope you don't het oneindige of the pease of shit man i had toen listen 2 only sex they talk about
Hallo het a web cam ho and leave me to the real deal losers
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