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I really like this Kickstarter project:

"My name is Rob, and I'd like your help to create a giant poster of every product from the ACME Corporation. I watched every Coyote & Road Runner episode, then hand drew all 126 wacky gadgets, explosives, and items that appeared in the cartoons..."

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Apologies if you've already seen this on my FB page...

I don't usually post requests or pointers to causes, but this one is going to be an exception.
If you do go to the indiegogo page link, it will look like they are already over their goal, but actually the goal is ~10% of the cost of reserving the operating room.
So they can still use more help here!

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Tricycle magazine ran an excellent article in the latest issue, "Lost in Translation" by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, on using quotations from Shakyamuni Buddha out of context from the original sutra.  An associated online article gave a pointer to a wonderful resource: Fake Buddha Quotes.  You know, all of those little soundbytes floating around that never have a citation to the original sutra ... the author of FBQ researches them to find out if, you know, Buddha ever actually said that.
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