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Kaylyn Weir (The Weir House)
Lifestyle blog of newlyweds in Florida. Some say the first year of marriage is the hardest. We say it's a yearlong honeymoon in paradise.
Lifestyle blog of newlyweds in Florida. Some say the first year of marriage is the hardest. We say it's a yearlong honeymoon in paradise.

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After Earth
Hologram skirts and deserted diners just work, ya know? Pom Pom Shirt Hologram Skirt Pink Cat Eye Shades

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Knitted Heart Set Sequin heart Heart Sunglasses (old - NastyGal)

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10 Places I'd Like to Travel, Pt 2
I have the travel bug. …who am I kidding - I always have the travel bug! And as much as I hate flying, it never seems to hold me back because experiencing new places and meeting strangers is what I live for. I feel so bad for Tyler because he never hears th...

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Pepper Cotton
I love Pinterest because it introduces me to all types of people, designers, and styles that I otherwise would not find because let's face it...we can all be a bit bias sometimes.  As I was scrolling on Pinterest the other day, my eyes were met with a fierc...

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Gypsy Soul Crochet Halter
I love incorporating film and digital images. More importantly, I adore film all by its little lonesome self! If I didn't have a job that heavily relied on me touching my SLR every single day …I would permanently switch to film. I swear!  It's difficult to ...

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Hump Day
Happy Hump Day, my peeps! This past week my husband and I launched  and have been working out the kinks, photographing inventory and so much other stuff that goes into managing an online website!!! We've been SO busy that Saturday night was d...

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Herbal Steam Facial
Stress.  I get it so easily and carry most of it in my shoulders. Because of this, I have a headache all day long! I saw Free People's botanical facial steam  and ordered it hoping it would help me relax.  Not only is it beautiful and full of organic flower...

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Barn Wedding
My sweetest friend got married this weekend, and I'm still beaming from experiencing the most beautiful day with her! The wedding took place at Providence Hill Farm in Jackson, MS (my hometown). Tyler and I drove back in time for the rehearsal dinner and al...

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Valentino Resort 2015
When it comes to fashion, I don't have a particular style and that has always  bugged  me. I love being able to look at a person and know the things that make them starry eyed: their go-to clothing colors; their fashion weaknesses and the things they splurg...

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Bindi + Bohemian
Every once in a while when Tyler and I have a break from work and we feel like having a little fun, we have photo shoots in the back yard. Nothing extravagant. Just simple and beautiful photo shoots (usually filled with lots of color!) I found these bindi's...
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