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I feel sad for Google+ It just hasn't got the traction needed to overcome Facebook. While nearly everyone I know has an account here, it is being to feel like Friendster.......
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S Sarin
I use it. I prefer it to facebook. I just need to spend some more time refining my circles. Then it's on, Mike!
I think I'm going to delete my fb page permanently.
I'd like to spend more time here, but yeah, the whole installed base issue is problematic. Even a lot of my techie, Silicon Valley friends are NOT joining G+ but not sure why that is.
Yep, quite hard for a website to be a social medium without the people to socialize with. 
I have more people circled/am in more circles on G+ than I have friends on FB.
imho it's still really early. i plan to delete my FB profile eventually. google is much more up front about their privacy policies (not that it matters as they already know EVERYTHING). i'm definitely curious to see what's going to happen with google+ though.
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