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"There are four major components of addiction: binging, withdrawal, craving, and cross-sensitization (the notion that one addictive substance predisposes someone to becoming addicted to another). All of these components have been observed in animal models of addiction—or sugar, as well as drugs of abuse."
Yup, sounds about right.  --carboholic

Yeah.  Carbs.  Ack.

Oh.  :\

After 15 months of being office/telephone-based, I am really enjoying being back out in the field.  Got to see a few former peeps today--from job 1 and job 2.  Thanks, State, for changing the contract requirements.   Friday the 13th?  ha!

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"...particularly earlier in life, if you're in a constant state of terror; your brain is shaped to be on alert for danger, and to try to make those terrible feelings go away. 
The brain gets very confused. And that leads to problems with excessive anger, excessive shutting down, and doing things like taking drugs to make yourself feel better. These things are almost always the result of having a brain that is set to feel in danger and fear."

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Back to the after-work swims at lagoon 4

In other news, I'm (still) a carboholic, but back on track after the Carbristmas season.  A few more days and I hope to be back to where I was pre carb lapse.

"I never see a choice error as failure, but only as a learning experience."
"I never see a choice error as failure, but only as the feedback needed to do something different."  etc.
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