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My Mind is My Enemy
My Mind is My Enemy

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It is Hard to Read an E-Zine on the Toilet
Getting back into the gaming "zone" after 10 years of "here and there" I am noticing a lot of changes.  One of those being the absence of all those great gaming magazines. Dragon, Dungeon, White Wolf, White Dwarf, SHADIS (yeah...that died in the 90s but I s...

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Dice shaming!

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Keep watching, some good stuff going up!

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Years and years as a dream, it comes to fruition!

We will be opening as soon as we complete the final steps of painting, ordering inventory (applications for distributors have been sent) and final setup before the doors open are here!

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I prefer aliens on a star wars/star trek level. Either their as normal people, or not at all similar to firefly or buck rogers

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Updated and lowered the final figure.  Money will go towards gas and food while we are at the hospital, and bills as we recover from 2 weeks of unpaid leave so I can spend time with the baby.

To put things in perspective: 2weeks unpaid leave will end up effecting 3-4 paychecks.

The one during the leave, which will most likely be half of a check
The check after the leave, which, again, most likely to be half
The 2nd check after leave, which will be used to catch up for anything we borrowed from bills during the time off...

This sends us into a rob Peter to pay Paul situation that will likely last the rest of the year.

So we are asking for help.

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Swallowed a lot of pride to put this up, at 38 weeks, will be any day now.

2 weeks unpaid, is a harsh reality.

currently watching:

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RPG: Music for Inspiration and Atmosphere
The question was posed on Talislanta FB page regarding how we use music in our gaming sessions. I understood that this would be a post way to long for FB, so I am putting my reply here. The questions presented: 1) a) how many of you use music when you run a...
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