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Jasmine Davis
I'm yoga-loving, web-designing, 'soon-to-be' doctor, navigating through this journey we call life while trying to discover 'who' I really am.
I'm yoga-loving, web-designing, 'soon-to-be' doctor, navigating through this journey we call life while trying to discover 'who' I really am.

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How ironic that I am sharing the link to my latest blog post from my phone while I am still in bed. Something to reflect on if you sometimes feel like your phone is taking over your life or becoming an addiction

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Deep house mix should cover me for a 5 hour flight!

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Take me back! Cracking weekend 
The maddest! +triple j #splendour2014

triple j's Splendour In The Grass Highlights 2014:

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Some recent musings on how it feels to be finished university exams and my holiday bliss bubble!

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New blog post all about life and where I am at in my soul-searching and self discovery journey:

Day 4 of the happiness challenge - if you have been following along by now you may realise that I have been behind the ball on the happiness challenges. This is because I got tripped up by day 4. The challenge was to invite some stillness and meditation into your life.

Now I have recently begun undertake a meditation course, and feel like I have made significant progress in the 'how to meditate' department. Unfortunately I haven't been as good at daily practice and implementing meditation into my daily life.

Sunday I was running around all day and didn't give myself 5 minutes to just stop and breathe... Which was probably exactly what I did need to do. The more chaotic life gets, the more we require stillness. At least today I have given myself a whole hour to dedicate to meditation.

Do you have daily meditation practice and how do you manage to fit it in around your crazy life?

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Day 3 happiness challenge - laughter.

This was probably the easiest day of the challenge as I have the most hilarious group of girlfriends. I was laughing the evening away with them over a couple of wines and takeaway Indian, they really know how to light up my life!

Extra bonus = the giggles of a baby making him laugh with silly noises brought the biggest grin to my face!


Day 3 of the happiness challenge = have a good laugh.

Making a beautiful baby giggle and having a few too many wines with my girlfriends definitely did the trick there! Do something that makes you laugh today - even if it is just looking at funny videos on YouTube!

Day 2 of the 10 day happiness challenge = do something good for your physical health.

I went for a massive run (approx 12km but I didn't accurately count) to clear my head and get some exercise before going to a beautiful Italian restaurant with my girlfriends. Not sure if it made me happy at the time but my aching muscles are a reminder that I did something just for me!

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Happy International Day of Happiness!

I have just started a week long happiness challenge - the first day of the challenge involves creating a vision board to reflect your 'ideal, best possible life'.

I created this vision board last week as a part of +Rachel MacDonald 's Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted e-course (which is freaking amazing by the way!) and thought it translated perfectly to this challenge.

The words reflect my 'core desired feelings' that I revealed during my exploration of Danielle La'Porte's 'The Desire Map' and reflect the feelings that I want to have every single day:


What does your 'ideal, best possible life' look like?
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