Keto Diet Day 3 & my favourite kitchen appliance

Was a Monday (yesterday in Australia) - Was diligent at work (diet wise) and was tracking well to be under 20g for the day.

After picking up my wife and getting home I offered to cook dinner.
We have this cool little thing that looks a bit like a rice-cooker but it's called a multi-cooker. It has a removable non-stick pot with a plastic steaming tray (link to details at the end of the post).

I had bought some skinless Atlantic Salmon on the weekend and portioned it in vacuum sealed bags before freezing. We were both pretty hungry so I opened up three bags and put the frozen portions on the steamer tray (after adding 2 cups of water), seasoning on top, then added a bunch of brocolini. Close the lid and set to cook fish by steam for 20 minutes (that's the default setting btw).

That all took under two minutes to do. Then I can go about my evening routine until the multi-cooker beeps (loudly). Pop the top and call my wife and heat some butter (for her) and rice-bran margarine (me) so we can dip the brocolini tops into it.

Served with a drizzle of rice-bran oil (I use this for almost everything cause I watch my cholesterol closely) salt and pepper this is most definitely my favourite meal. Quick too.

BUT: I was using MyFitnessPal on my phone to track yesterday's carbs (as suggested on a different reddit post) and after tracking back why I was over I found out that brocolini has more carbs in it than I thought. Yesterday I came in at 24g. So close but I'm still going through "induction" so I'm still getting used to all the changes.
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