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Top Sales Tips to increase business revenue
1. A salesperson can easily convince the potential buyers by adjusting himself with the needs and types of buyers.
2. A salesperson can contact a large number of prospective buyers and directly appeal to them and explain all the product qualities with trial and demonstration and convince them as to how his products are able to satisfy his needs.
3. Salesperson can also give technical advice and necessary technically product supporting documents as may be required by the customers. Using Google and Microsoft applications will increase the overall performance rate of a Salesperson.
4. A Salesperson gathers information about the market conditions the attitude of the consumers towards his products, the feelings of the consumers about the firm which he represents and about their requirements which have not yet been met by his products. When the salesperson sends this information to his company, this information will be very useful that company to produce the goods as required by the consumers.
5. He can show samples and conduct trials which are quite essential in the marketing of his goods.
6. He can also deliver the goods to the buyers and focus on recovery and credit control of bills from them and thus establish goodwill of the seller.
7. He can also render after-sales services such as maintenance, repairing, installation, and technical support to the supervisors and plant engineers.
8. The Salesperson has to create a new demand by informing about the availability of the products.
9. He must maintain the demand of the existing products by emphasizing the relative quality of the products.
10. He must increase the existing demand by weaning people away from the rival products.
11. He must create or enhance a good-will of the advertising his company by educating the public.
12. He must prepare “ground for new products proposed to be introduced in the market”.
13. The true salesperson acts as a friend and a guide of the customers and supporter and an aid of the producer.
14. The Salesmanship has made large scale production feasible and profitable.
15. It has helped the producer to reduce the cost of production and made the goods available at much lower prices in terms of product benefits.
16. The Salesperson widens the market for the goods of the producers.
17. He must increase the rate of sock turnover. This eliminates or minimizes the chances of economic stagnations.
18. A Salesperson must increases the employment by increasing the business activities and thus increases the income of the community.
19. He must have knowledge of self and one’s own sales personality.
20. He must have knowledge of one’s products and its utilities.
21. He must have knowledge of one’s firm, its philosophy and its policies.
22. He must have knowledge of one’s customers, their nature, temperament etc.
23. He must have knowledge of techniques of selling goods.
24. A sales person should make an effort to present himself favorable to the prospective customers.
25. The sales person’s must require some distinct qualities of head and heart and appearances.

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Maintenance of equipment and maintenance of plant is a delicate and severe issue for maintenance engineers and managers in the plant. No one knows that how sudden breakdown of machines may occur. Moreover, there is no definite and exact cause of the problem in the beginning, unless and until the problem is rectified. Thus such issues causes for shutdown of the particular machines or process line. It may be pipeline, pumps, motors, generators, Fluid carrying systems, hydraulic systems or pneumatic lines of the plant. During this course of time, obviously, concerned engineer may have to face pressure from his management or managers. Even one minute breakdown of equipment may result in to decrease in production rate and huge loss on overall performance and production rate target of the companies. Most of the industries consider and treat such issues very seriously and they always recruit skilled and experienced manpower to reduce the overall maintenance cost of the production. Company also provides suitable training to the engineers and managers enable them to get acquainted with the machinery

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With the changing scenario of technology development in the world, it has become very essential to keep pace with the technological advancement to be in market. The design and development department of any company is mainly responsible for updating the existing product to match with the latest technology available and also to develop the new products anticipating the future need of the society. The basic function of the design and development department can be divided into following three categories.
Innovation is the process of generating products that are unique in terms of performance, material or use.
Renovation is the process of modifying the existing products to extend their life in the existing markets or to fulfill the needs of the future markets. This function is essential to be competitive in the market.
Elimination is the process of pruning the old or unprofitable products from the product range. Planned and purposeful elimination of old and unprofitable product is a key to innovation,
Because, it frees necessary resources and
It stimulates the search for new products to replace the old.
1. Design of new product using the latest know-how and computer aided facilities.
2. Redesign of the old products with a view of weight and cost reduction and/or performance improvement to meet the market requirement.
3. Development co-ordination of the new products
4. To provide technical support to the marketing department.
Anticipating the need of the customer, nation, the company has to develop a new generation of products with the sole objective of total energy conservation, free from environmental hazards and to reach at affordable price to the users. Such new generation products are today universally acclaimed as the best in the world.
All such activities from design and development department have been grouped into a logical pattern or frame work and assigned to specific positions and people in the organization. The company has a line and staff concept and structure in the organization where each member of the group knows as to what is expected of him to contribute in accomplishing the organizational objectives in measurable terms. The way by which the goals conceived in planning can be achieved is made known to each unit. This is accomplished through appropriate delegation of authority, power and accountability system as adopted in the organization. At each level, departments are accountable to someone at the next higher level in the organization. Due important has been given to safety and security of men, materials and machines in the factory. Thus, Design and Development Department has a remarkable focus towards the end users.
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~*Love: "Daisy," A Transformation.
"Daisy"  (she came to me with that name) was homeless for the first six or seven of her eight months of life - alone with no shelter or food through the long, cold winter of northwestern Washington. (Click to view entire post.)   #dogs   #animals   #nature   #rescue   #love   #Italian_greyhound   #service_dog   #daisies   

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The Beauty of a forest on a winter morning

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Beautiful place!
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Amazing Place

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Wij zijn niet bang
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Great salespeople only call on decision makers. They do not, deliberately or unconsciously, sell at lower levels, where decisions are not made, and where rejection usually does not take place. They build in depth account relationships particularly at the highest possible levels in the company
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