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Any Rocksmith players here? I always felt that it would be useful to have tabs available for the songs you're trying to learn. Some passages are just very hard to figure out in-game, even with the riff repeater. I've finally taken matters into my own hands and written a tool that can export Rocksmith 2014 arrangements to Guitar Pro tabs (.gp5 or .gpx format). See link below. #Rocksmith #GuitarPro

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We just released Ogre 1.8.1.

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Diablo Swing Orchestra released a new album - how did I miss that?!
Highly recommended if you are open for experimental metal / swing / jazz / whatever mix.

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We finally released Ogre 1.8.0 on the weekend. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet :)

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Ogre is again participating in this year's Google Summer of Code. If you'd like to work on Ogre during this summer, now would be a good time to introduce your ideas to the community :)

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Anyone interested in helping us playtest SectorMania? It's meant to be a fun and simple RTS game in the spirit of the old classic 'Z', and we have just released a first prototype that you can grab at .
Graphics and sound are only placeholders right now, but we are looking for some feedback to get the gameplay right before we improve on the technical aspects in the next iterations.

I just saw that BioWare has sent me a beta key for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is kind of surprising in general because I've never been accepted into betas I applied for earlier. It's even more surprising because I didn't apply for this one.

I usually stay clear of any title with 'MMO' in it, but I guess I can safely give it a try now.

Today in "random pearls of wisdom I picked up on the internets":

- No situation is so dire that panic cannot make it worse.

I find it telling that the announced referendum in Greece causes stock markets to fall. Why? Do they fear that the will of the people does not coincide with the interests of the financial system? Surprising ... not.

Who the hell came up with the concept of "security questions" to let you recover your password in case you forget it? I mean, what's the point of having a strong, secure password if it can be recovered or reset by answering a question along the line of "what's your mother's maiden name" or "how is your pet called"?
Some sites allow you to enter your own question, but I must say I find it even harder to think of a question I alone can answer instead of just remembering my bloody password.
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