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Stephen Hill
producer of Hearts of Space ambient music program
producer of Hearts of Space ambient music program

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This week on Hearts of Space 'EUROTRONIC' — the Euro sound in electronic music, w/ Klaus Schulze, Neuronium, Thierry David, and more.

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Best article I've seen on the subject. 

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This week on Hearts of Space, a return to the chilling days of early Ambient, with music by an all-star cast: ROBERT FRIPP, BRIAN ENO, HAROLD BUDD, MICHAEL BROOK, CHRISTOPHER FRANKE, A PRODUCE, KIT WATKINS, and DAVID SYLVIAN.
Stream it free all day Sunday at

It's Free Sunday on Hearts of Space! Stream 'MYSTIC METALS'—a contemplative winter journey for bells, bowls and gongs.

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Hanging sculpture at Nike store, downtown San Francisco. 
Niketown artwork
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The Hearts of Space 30th and 40th anniversary live concert event: May 3-5, 2013
2013 is year of milestones for Hearts of Space: the 40th anniversary of the program, 30th anniversary of national syndication, and passing the program 1,000 benchmark. We're celebrating with our first-ever live concert event, MAY 3-4-5, 2013, in San Rafael, CA, hosted by STEPHEN HILL.

Join us for live Ambient music concerts in 5.1 surround sound by STEVE ROACH, ROBERT RICH, MICHAEL STEARNS, HANS CHRISTIAN, TIM STORY, JEFF PEARCE, STEPHAN MICUS, and STELLAMARA, plus a special presentation by MARK PRENDERGAST, author of "The Ambient Century."
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