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Howard Scott
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Howard Scott

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Howard Scott

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John Darvill - 1991 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 4th quarter 1991, No. 325 ... Next year's U.S. Federal Deficit i... Publicada por Seamus Green · Enviar a mensagem por e-mailDê a sua opinião!Partilhar no TwitterPartilhar no Facebook. Etiquetas: Economy ...
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Howard Scott

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America Must Liquidate Its Pro-fascists at Home Before It Can Defeat Its Fascist Enemies Abroad!
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Howard Scott

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Oh, you always have that or a World War III. If you have World War III, it will all go down the drain anyway. What have you got here now? You have no political Left in United States. Your Socialist Party, your others, have disappeared. All you've got in United States is Right. You've got your conservative right, the next right is the reactionary right, and far right is the fascist right. That's what you've got. You might as well face it. It's going to be difficult to put in an actual Fascism here, but you can have a pseudo-one, and especially with that Irish Mafia from Boston in there, and a Daley in Chicago and a Wagner in New York, Brown in California, and Rosselini in the State of Washington. Kind of tough. Well, cheer up -- if you get a Fascism, you'll be the first victims, so you won't live long."

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Technocracy’s survey of the economic situation in America and in the world, leads to the assumption of an imminent and progressive social instability under Price System operations, with corresponding social disorder that will threaten large portions of the people with decreasing purchasing power and consequently, increasing hardship and deprivation. Technocracy believes that in order to avoid the consequences of such a debacle it is imperative to organize a disciplined body which will resist the forces of disruption and insure the free flow of food and other necessities to the population at large during the time of crisis and afterward in the period of readjustment. Technocracy believes that once the present order has demonstrated its operational incapacity it will be the function of its engineers and technologists to put into operation a permanent productive and distributive system which will harness the energy resources of the country for the mutual benefit of the entire population on a continent – wide basis. The term “technologists” is used in the broadest sense and includes, as well as scientists and engineers, educators and experts in such other departments of human activity as re functionally necessary for the operation of the social mechanism. Technocracy believes that the free and independent spirit of the American people will not be satisfied with the irrational assumptions of Communism, or with the hollow mockery of Fascism, and that a large measure of anarchy and disorder may be avoided by adherence to a program consistent with American tradition. Technocracy is unconditionally opposed to and will struggle against such subversive and revolutionary systems and any attempt to place this country under a dictatorship in whatever guise. Technocracy stands ready with a plan to salvage American civilization, if and when democracy as now functioning can no longer cope with the inherent disruptive forces. Technocracy believes that the substitution of technologists in place of politicians and profiteers will be demanded by the people, sick unto death of the insecurity and the deprivation that are the inevitable concomitants of the present ways of doing business – that the substitution of scientific national management for the present muddling, wasteful and ineffectual political and economic set-up represents the simple and natural progression of American genius. Technocracy is not misled by emotional optimism created by temporary palliatives. Its findings prove why no “new deal”, but an entirely “new game”, based upon an accurate “balanced load” method of social control is the only solution for the problems facing this continent. The American nation was founded on the assumption that every person has a right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Technocracy amplifies this original intention. Today political liberty does not suffice. Possessing, as this continental area does, sufficient personnel and equipment to guarantee equality of income and security to all, Technocracy is being designed to perpetuate against all aggressors those “inalienable rights” promised the American people by the founding fathers and endemic to this continent. March, 1933 Continental Headquarters TECHNOCRACY INC. Visit Technocracy’s Web Site: For further information about Technocracy and membership requirements contact Technocrcay Inc. Continental Headquarters 2475 Harksell Rd., Ferndale, WA 98248 TECHNOCRACY Technocracy originated in the winter of 1918-1919 when Howard Scott formed a group of scientists, engineers and economists that became known in 1920 as the Technical Alliance – A reasearch organization. In 1933 it was incorporated under the laws of the state of New York as a non profit, non political, non sectarian membership organization. It has no affiliation with any other organization, group or association either in North America or elsewhere. Technocracy was built in North America by North Americans. It is composed of North American Citizens of all walks of life. Technocracy’s membership is composed of all occupations, economic levels, races and religions which make up the Continent. Membership is open only to North American Citizens.
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    1918 - present
  • Technocracy Incorporated
    1933 - present
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Technocracy North American Technate
North American Continent
Technocracy North American Technate - Technocracy Incorporated - Technical Alliance


Technocracy Inc. is a non-profit membership organization incorporated under the laws of the State of New York. It is a Continental Organization with offices and members in the principal countries of the North American Continent. It is not a business organization, a financial racket, nor a political party.

Technocracy finds that the production and distribution of an abundance of physical wealth on a Continental scale can only be accomplished by a Continental technological control -- a government of function.

Technocracy declares that the distribution of abundance cannot be carried out by political party legislation, labor union activity, or corporate and business enterprise. Our technology demands a balanced-load operation of all equipment -- a balance between production and distribution, with responsible concern that we do not waste our natural resources.

TECHNOCRACY is science in the social field. The Encyclopedia Americana has said: `Whatever the future of Technocracy, one must fairly say that it is the only program of social and economic reconstruction which is in complete intellectual and technical accord with the age in which we live.' The late H.G. Wells stated: `Essentially Technocracy is a soundly scientific effort to restate economics on a purely physical basis.' The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines Technocracy as an `Organization and management of a country's industrial resources by technical experts for the good of the whole community.' These definitions all say much the same thing but in different words.

The studies of Technocracy embrace the entire fields of science and industry. Biology, climate, natural resources, and industrial equipment all enter into the social picture. Technocracy is dealing with social phenomena in the widest sense of the word, including not only actions of human beings, but also everything which directly or indirectly affects their actions. No one can expect to have any understanding of our present social problems without having at least a panoramic view of the basic relationships of these essential elements of the picture. The purpose of our studies is not to give any person a comprehensive knowledge of science and technology, but rather to present an outline of the essential elements of these various fields, as they pertain to the social problem, in a unified picture. The important thing, at this stage of social development, is to get a comprehensive picture of the problem as a whole, rather than of its parts as unrelated scraps of knowledge. Technocrats learn through their Study Course to see this Continent as it really is and to understand how it must be operated functionally so as to result in the most benefit to all, including future generations yet unborn.

Technocracy originated in the winter of 1918-19 when Howard Scott formed a group of scientists, engineers, and economists that became known as the Technical Alliance--a research organization. Howard Scott was chief engineer of this group. The Alliance lasted about fourteen years. Its membership embraced many of America's top scientists and engineers, including such personalities as: Frederick Ackerman, architect; Leland Olds, statistician; Thorstein Veblen, economist; L. K. Comstock, electrical engineer, and Charles Steinmetz. It conducted what became known as the famous 'Energy Survey of North America.' Out of the survey, and under the guiding genius of Howard Scott, there emerged a completely new way of looking at life and human affairs. The social assets and liabilities (in a physical sense) of North America were laid bare for the first time. The social trends and tendencies were analyzed scientifically and for the first time in history a continental area (North America) had a glimpse of its future, or at least of the broad alternatives.


By 1930 the group had become known as Technocracy. In 1933 it was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York as a non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit membership organization. The new organization could then take in laymen for education and teaching purposes. Technocracy has no political antecedents. It derives nothing from any of the historic political theorists such as Adam Smith, David Ricardo or Karl Marx. The basic views of Technocracy derive (embryonically) from the works of Joseph Willard Gibbs, the father of physical chemistry. It was Gibbs who placed the science of thermodynamics on a sound footing; and he emphasized that every process in nature means change. He discovered some of the laws of physical change.

From Thales of Miletus on through such landmark names as Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Lord Kelvin, Willard Gibbs, to Howard Scott, science has been one grand historic march of discovery and progress. Howard Scott is the man, the genius, who first recognized the physical basis of social change, the laws of physical change in human society. He applied the scientific method to the study of social phenomena and the social mechanism, substituting a 'metrical' for a 'value' interpretation.

Technocracy's survey of the economic situation in North America leads to the conclusion that there is in development a process of progressive social instability; that this process will continue until the instability reaches the limit of social tolerance, and that there then will have to be installed on this Continent a social mechanism competent to meet the needs of its people. Technocracy finds further that the day when social operations on this Continent can be based on a system of 'values' has passed, and that it is now necessary that there be applied in the social field the quantitative methods of physical science.

Technocracy proposes that the North American Continent be operated as a self-contained functional unit under technological control. This control would operate the area under a balanced-load system of production and distribution, where under there would be distributed purchasing power commensurate with the resources and the continuous full-load operation of the physical equipment, with the guarantee of a high standard of living, equality of income and economic security to every inhabitant, with a minimum of human toil.

Technocracy Inc. (the organization as such) is a means to an end, the end being to assist with the installation of a social system whereby the Continent may be operated according to the needs and wants of its population. These desires will be expressed through a scientifically operated social system so that an abundance of goods and services can be produced and distributed with a minimum of human effort. To insure the continuation of that high energy social system, a careful husbanding of natural resources and an intelligent strategy for continental defense will be necessary.

At this stage the objectives of Technocracy are, first, the education of the people of North America to a recognition of the reasons behind the social crisis and, second, the organization of all those willing to study and interest themselves into an informed, disciplined and functionally capable body whose knowledge and ability can be called upon to prevent chaos in North America at that time, now imminent, when the Price System can no longer be made to operate.


The emblem of Technocracy (shown on the Technocracy Home Page) is the Monad, an ancient generic symbol signifying dynamic balance. It is the symbol of our Organization and of our outlook and body of thought. Technocracy is not a monetary scheme. It is, in a sense, a plan; covering so many avenues of function that it could be aptly described as a completely new dimension of thought. Moreover it is not a fixed plan; it is an overall, flexible, dynamic, skeletal plan. We cannot expect to settle everything for all the future generations now.

Technocrats are not high-pressure salesmen. We want as members only those persons who come into our Organization through conviction. All we ask is to be heard, that our analysis be examined carefully, critically, from a strictly factual standpoint. We insist that the facts cannot be hidden for very much longer. As conditions in our social mechanism become increasingly unstable, more and more people will be looking for an answer to their problems. When they come to us we are here ready to explain our findings and our program. Technocracy Inc. is the only organization with a prepared plan, ready to be adopted when enough citizens of North America demand social change and have the courage to really do something about it.

Today we have poverty in the midst of plenty. Food is stored and destroyed to keep up prices while people on this Continent go hungry and are in want. North Americans must install a new social system which can distribute abundance to all citizens. Albert Einstein once said: 'We are at the dawn of a new world. Scientists have given to men considerable powers. Politicians have seized hold of them. The world must choose between the unspeakable desolation of mechanization for profit or conquest, and the lusty youthfulness of science and technique serving the social needs of a new civilization.'

You could be amongst those people who are aware of the instability of our present social mechanism; and maybe you feel that it is about time you did something about it. But it is quite possible that you do not know anyone who is a Technocrat, and have no idea how to go about obtaining more information. A letter sent to Continental Headquarters or to some other address shown on this leaflet will bring you more information and possibly put you in touch with a group of members that is within a reasonable distance from you.

You may agree in part or fully with Technocracy's program, in which case it is your duty and obligation to yourself and to those you care for to study this Organization and its body of thought. Join with the Technocrats in their efforts to enlighten the citizens of North America,

so that they may understand the nature of the economic mess we are in at present and realize how severe the economic chaos may be when it confronts them in the future. They can then help avert the approaching debacle and assist in preparing for the next most probable state of society--by installing the only suitable plan available to them: Technocracy.

We urge you to keep in mind that this job of enlightenment of the population must be done; it is no small undertaking, and the time is running short. Although Technocrats have availed themselves of the method, they cannot hope for success without support. Further, it is no more their task than it is that of yourself or any other North American to get the job done.


Bragging rights
Technocracy is truly a unique organization. Many organizations study society as to what if any changes are necessary to assure it has a high morality. Technocracy, however, is the only - and let me hasten to emphasize the only organization - that study society from a scientific perspective, using the scientific method. Technocracy uses the same scientific method that: (1) Copernicus used when he discovered that the planets revolve around the sun and that they revolve elliptically, (2) that Newton used to discover The Laws of Motion, (3) that Einstein used to discover The Laws of Relativity. Technocracy finds that the public is aware - or should be aware - of the changes that science has made for our well-being. We do not chop wood to burn in order to have the energy to heat our houses. For water, we don't pump it out of wells. We get our energy and water by means of technology and they come to us from long distances. Daily we use our phones, washing machines, radios, televisions, VCRs, cars, airplanes, electric razors/tooth brushes and the list goes on and on. All of these - plus numerous more - are unique to our age; not one of them existed 10,000, 1,000 or even 200 years ago. They are the hallmark of our scientific-technological age. We are indebted to scientists/engineers/technicians for the modern wonders that make our age the most enjoyable in all history. However, with all our wonders, we have problems, serious problems. It is not because of science we have these mammoth problems, it because of the misuse of science. They will only be solved by making societal changes that will put us in harmony with modern times, our scientific-technological age.. In that we use in our highly scientific-technological age as our socioeconomic structure, a "Price System," problems result. This system -- it and the laws of the land, both of which are built on principles that come from antiquity -- must be trashed. Technocracy, relying on scientific research, further states that we must initiate a design that is compatible with modern times When and if Technocracy's design -- namely, the Technological Social Design -- is in place, we will have the "golden age of humankind." There will be no poverty, unemployment, homelessness, or any of the many problems that are a direct result of these. Indeed, it will be the wonder age. Will it be a Utopia? Will we have reached heaven so to speak? No. Egos will still exist and they will be a source of problems. Dreamers, whose interests are of a Utopian nature will still have their dreams unfulfilled. Science and Utopia are an oxymoron. As stated above, all other groups proposing social change fail the litmus test of having used science in their proposals. They all rely on improving the lot of man/woman through moral considerations. For eons, morality groups have expounded their "wisdom," and have come up empty. Technocracy and these morality groups are miles apart. Technocracy's position is well illustrated in the pamphlet, "The Energy Certificate," which in part, states: It is perhaps one of the major ironies of history that a new, and the only adequate approach (to solving problems that have plagued mankind for eons) should have been projected and offered by certain interpreters of applied physical science who distinctly disclaim as their motivating force an idealistic search for truth, love, peace, harmony, and other imponderables. TECHNOCRACY and its program are unique in approach to and analysis of our outmoded social mechanism. Technocracy Inc. is the only organization in existence that has a scientifically formulated design for a social mechanism that can succeed and replace the Price System and actually measure up to the physical and technical requirements of this Continental Area. Technocracy makes no compromise with the Price System. Technocracy makes no compromise at all, for compromise in any direction whatsoever would defeat the purpose of Technocracy. Technocracy has the only answer to the social problems of North America, as correct as scientific methods and scientific knowledge circa 1951 make it possible to be. Therefore, any deviation or compromise would serve only to depart from and lessen its verity and rigor. Perhaps, if we fail to stop and consider the matter, this may sound rather dogmatic. Actually, it isn't. The statements stand, and will continue to stand BECAUSE Technocracy IS NOT dogmatic. Technocrats do not have a doctrine codified from a set of opinions and myths, with a few inescapable facts rationalized to fit. Technocracy is wholly conditioned by the facts of this physical world in which, despite any philosophical aspirations we may cherish, we are forced to live; and as and when new facts are found bearing on our social problems, Technocracy will conform as the facts dictate. Physical facts are uncompromising, as we may learn if we try to disregard them. And so it is easily understood why the Technocrat is so little interested in 'prestige by association' with 'big names' or the 'right people.' If we are right, then only one conclusion is possible: they are all wrong. It isn't too surprising. Those with 'names' and 'position' are the kind who happen to fit well into the particular kind of civilization we have under a Price System. It isn't to be expected that they would fit some other kind of activity so well. This doesn't mean that all the rest of the army is out of step with the Technocrat either. They're all out of step with themselves and with everybody. Being guided largely by opinions and prejudice, they agree on nothing. There are as many sets of opinions as there are individuals. There is no unanimity anywhere. There IS unanimity among Technocrats because the physical facts are the same for everyone everywhere, and Technocracy is the same wherever it is found on the Continent. Technocrats are all working on the same job, building for the New America.
  • Technical Alliance
    1918 - present
  • Technocracy Incorporated
    1933 - present
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