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Delivering Your Move Your Way...
Delivering Your Move Your Way...


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RB Direct Services Limited - Relocation Skates.

Now offered at just £45.00 + VAT.

595 x 595mm (approximate), 18mm ply, fluted rubber top and 80 or 100mm non marking castors.

Call us on 01869345242 or 07812070805 for more information or to place your order. Alternatively you can contact us on
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RB Direct Services Limited - A larger batch of Relocation Skates part way through the manufacturing process.

These Relocation Skates due for delivery mid June will have the following specifications:
1). 80mm blue non marking castors
2). 18mm ply routed on all edges
3). Fine ribbed rubber top
4). Water repellent treated
5). Custom routed logo in colour

Available extras not included on this model are GPS (#gpsrelocationskates) and/or Bluetooth (#trackablerelocationskates) in each skate

Call us on 07812070805 for more information about how you can replace, renew or add to your existing Relocation Skate Supply.
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RB Direct Services Limited - Google search Computer Moves on 1st page of the world's most popular internet search engine.

Our IT Engineer are use and trusted by some of the largest relocation companies in the UK to not only deliver the project but exceed their clients expectations.

Book direct & save on your next Computer Moves by calling 01869345242 or 07812070805. Alternatively you can inquire on
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RB Direct Services Limited - Thank you for your order client who wishes to remain nameless.

16 X Relocation Skates lined up military style ready for service.

Each nut & bolt installed by our in house team and checked at each point in its production lifecycle.

Get the Relocation Skates that are a match for your team's demanding schedule / routine.

Call us on 01869345242 or 07812070805 to order your next relocation equipment.
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RB Direct Services Limited - Top of the line Relocation Skates matched only by our top ranking Google rankings.

RRP: £50.00 + VAT

Order your Relocation Skates on 01869345242 or 07812070805. Alternatively you can contact us on
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RB Direct Services Limited - Customise your Relocation Skates to your companies needs and budget.

We work with you to get the Relocation Skates that help you deliver the very best to your customers.

Call us on 01869345242 or 07812070805 for more information. Alternatively you can email us on
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RB Direct Services Limited - Here we have our relocation skate castors lined up post servicing ready to merry up with the remainder of the skate in preparation for an up and coming order.

Like a well oiled machine in this case literally they are ready for our customers to put them through their paces.

Each Relocation Skates we produce is quality checked before sending out giving our customers peace of mind that they are getting only the best.

Call 01869345242 or 07812070805 to place your order. Alternatively you can email us on and a member of our sales / production team will call you back.
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Another new customer, another small order makes its way out the door with our thanks.

We do not have a minimum order and can customise the skates to your specifications.

To place your order or to make an inquiry please call a member of our sales team on 01869345242 or 07812070805. Alternatively you can email us on
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RB Direct Services GPS Relocation Skates are making their way into the marketplace. Trackable Relocation Skates at starting to integrate their way into the commercial and domestic industries.


To secure your relocation product and give your teams the tools they need to ensure they have the tools available to ensure that all the relocation aids you sent out are returned.

Simply call your equipment from the mobile device linked to the equipment and within 60 seconds you will receive a text showing the current location, grip coordinates and approximate speed of the device. If that happens to be in use at another persons warehouse or site in error then you can pop along and collect your equipment.

Call 01869345242 or 07812070805 to speak with a member of our sales team. Alternatively you can email us on
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I have had customers of all sizes across the United Kingdom say that the almost constant supply of Relocation Skates makes up a high portion of their ongoing running costs. This additional cost is not only unwelcome but unnecessary. They unanimously welcome advances in the Relocation Skate technology to help alleviant the potential for Relocation Skate loss.

Keeping track of Relocation Skates when working on multi occupied sites like those with fit out, building works or larger moves being carried out simultaneously can be difficult. My customers and many like them around the UK have resorted to etching logos deep into the bottom, bar coding and even making the teams that take them out, responsible for the replacement costs.

RB Direct Services have made it our mission to make Relocation Skates more secure and in the possession of the owners. Thinking outside the confinds of the skate being just a piece of equipment nobody cares much about, our NEW GPS Relocation Skate series ( #GPSRelocationSkates ) address the Commercial and Domestic IT & Relocation industries issue of Relocation Skates going missing. Helping our customers KEEP THEIR SKATES in their warehouse and available to their crew

RB Direct Relocation Skates now have an optional GPS tracker built into the skate so it can effectively be tracked in real time anywhere in the world with access to an adequate signal without the user even being aware.

Standard Relocation Skate Specification(s);
18mm plywood base with either rounded or angled corners.

80mm or 100mm blue natural rubber chemically bonded non marking castors

Complete locking nuts so everything remains intact while being put through its paces by the teams out in the field.

3mm rubber topped in a variety of either fine ribbed, chequer plate or round circular studded pattern. All blacks in colour.

Custom routed logo to aid making your Relocation Skate more secure and advertising your business to the customers you are servicing.

Our GPS Series offers the following;
Allows an infinite amount of users the ability to locate the Relocation Skates to within a few meters as often as they like. The accuracy depends on the strength of the GPS and or GPRS signal.

Provides the user a direct link, via compatible mapping software, to the current location of the Relocation Skate almost anywhere in the world with compatible signal. Onward map software (Google Example) will guide the user to the location.

One of the many options is the ability to be informed if the Relocation Skate is on the move and how fast it is travelling.

GSM / SMS communication or GPRS connection

The free app available for download on IOS and Android, has a number of pre sent buttons that can help the management team monitor that piece of equipment.

Standby time: 10 - 15 days. The strength of the battery can be monitored remotely via a free mobile app.

Operation time: 3 - 5 days during period of more frequent use.

Geo-fence protection, after setting the certain distance, once beyond the distance, your phone will receive alarm alert.

Rechargeable battery with a Low batt alert. You will receive a low battery alert via text message once the battery requires recharging.

Requires 1 x full size SIM card or variable size with adaptor with credit and the availability to receive calls and send texts. Please note the SIM is not supplied.

The unit is discretely hidden on the Relocation Skate making it difficult for unsuspecting persons to even know it is fitted with a tracking device. Often prevention is better than cure so we can route in the GPS logo on the bottom as well so that it is less likely to go missing in the first instance.

The placement has absolutely no effect on the skate performance while allowing the owner reasonable access to the unit to charge up and perform maintenance on the unit.

How it Works;
The user only need to dial the number of the SIM card inserted. The number will ring 2 or 3 times and will automatically end the call. Within 60 seconds a text will be received giving the caller access to the following information.

Text Display;
Latitude - displayed as lat: 00.00000

Longitude - displayed as long: 0.00000

Speed - displayed as speed: 000.6 (measured in kilometres)

Date & Time - displayed as T:00/00/00 00:00

Map Link - displayed as

LAC - Location Area Code is a unique number of current location area. A location area is a set of base stations that are grouped together to optimize signalling.

CID — is a generally unique number used to identify each Base transceiver

MCC — a Mobile Country Code. This code identifies the country.

MNC - a Mobile Network Code. This code identifies the mobile operator.

How To Order;
Call us on 01869345242 or 07812070805 to place your order. Alternatively you can email on with your requirements.

We will require your business address & shipping address, email contact and purchase order number for processing.

Once we receive your order and confirm your company details and the order requirements our team will issue you with a quote for the supply and delivery of the product. Please note that while the standard relocation skate can be a very quick turn around the lead time on the GPS Relocation Skates can approximately 2 - 3 weeks from time of order to delivery depending on quantity and location for delivery.

A large number of our relocation skates are branded with your company logo routed into the bottom. There is normally not a charge for this service but is dependent on the complexity and colours involved. We also stamp every skate with "Supplied by RB Direct Services" so they can be identified in future should we need to.

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