Today Japanese musician @jaicat , will tell us how his passion for both music and Ingress lead him to put glyphs into music.
Here for you is the interview and a preview of his work.

Q. When did you play Ingress for the first time?
I started playing the 6 December 2014

Q. How did you discover Ingress?
A friend of mine posted on Facebook about the game.

Q. How was your passion for music born?
It's difficult to explain it briefly, but when I was little i heard the sound of a pipe organ while falling asleep in a church. It was beautiful.
I think that the experience led me to want to create music, like i wanted to recreate that moment. Plus I'm a perfectionist by nature.

Q. Which glyph or which sequence gave you the idea to turn them to music?
First glyph derived music was in 2016 from the sequence: create pure future human civilization

The initial creating system is different from today's, i composed the song based on the feelings the glyphs inspired in me which led me to translate them into a musical composition

In that moment i wasn't really following the ingress storyline so i didn't know that the glyph was found in the music of Enoch Dalby.
When I heard about his name, by a fellow player in my town, i was surprised it was then i started to get into the storyline and i started to compose music based on the glyphs and in March 2017 i started to create it with the actual system. This is my second song:

The system in use right now sets the tune to every glyph giving coordinates to get a musical note.

Here there is a follow-up:

Q. Is every glyph a note/an ensemble of notes?
Drawing a glyph with a finger is similar to playing a harp. To me every glyph has his musical tune, so every glyph in a sequence has its primitive harmony.

Q. Could we have a preview of your work?
Of course. You can find it here on the website :

For the other project you can find it on iTunes store by searching for "jai machine". There is also bandcamp:

Q. Do you know of others with a similar passion or who were inspired to create art based on Ingress?
I think all drawings, swag creations and biocards are really creative. I am a fan of MihoS work. And i do like the agent who create a photographic book about portals, which sells on request.

I'm working on a music field which is quite unknown, like eletrcoacustic, acousmatic and free improvisation. This music is passionate and mysterious like Ingress.

Thanks you for this chance to talk about it!
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