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I posted my idea of a cribbage board a few days ago and the more I thought about it I knew I wanted something unique. I used an iPhone 5c box and added a custom board in the lid by using foam core board between 2 pictures. I took the map and super imposed my grid on it. Due to space constraints I could only get to 50 for each pool, but for my characters that is enough for now. The box has enough room for dice pens and a deck of cards when I actually get the Xp deck.
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Has the cypher chest been released yet or did I miss it?

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With everyone posting ideas about pool trackers it gave me an idea.  I have a 3 track cribbage board that could easily be used to track the pools.  But I don't think my speed pool would ever reach 120.  So My thought is to build a simple board with three tracks going to maybe 30 from temporary increases in pools.  Could get real fancy and include card storage for xp or cypher deck and even dice and pencils. Some cribbage boards include storage as well but if it got that large it could track the whole party with multiple tracks so I will probably stick to something more compact.   How high do you think I should go? Suggestions would be welcomed .  I remember a while back a wooden box that stored a set of 7 polyhedral dice would be perfect for this(if it is long enough) but I can't seem to find it. Maybe a small wooden pencil box.

Starting to put together a Electronic GM Binder in OneNote specific for Numenera.   Looking for suggestions of Items to add.   Curious what other tools are being used to help run your games.

So far I am adding:
Numernera system cheat sheet from the alexandrian
cypher lists from core book and glimmer,  
Creature index and table from Biestary,
Links the The Ninth World Archives 
Links to Dark Liquid's generators... cypher, name, creature and rumors
clips from different online articles
DCC Title Chart... some weird ideas for titles
NPC Tracker
Game Log and notes
Brainstorm Sheets

Things that I know I am looking for: 
More names for NPCs, towns,  taverns and the like
Random encounter Ideas/charts

Everything I come across is fantasy based which is at least good for ideas but I need it weirded up.
Any ideas?

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
Skull and Shackles coming Gen Con 2014
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