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Jet Flow Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Your stop for high end energy solutions.
Your stop for high end energy solutions.


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JET FLOW in association with LVI'SYSTEMS, France is able to offer vacuum units which meet the most diverse needs :

Degassing / Vacuum Pumping
Conveying / Drain / Unloading
Vacuum condensing
Evaporation / Concentration
Mixing / Agitation
Heating / Desuperheating
Distillation / Rectification
Gas Scrubbing / Absorption / Neutralization
Steam / Gas recompression
Drying / Evaporation / Concentration
Vacuum Cooling
Hot water production

We specialize in Turbine Vacuum Systems, Multiple Stage Steam Jet Booster Ejector Vacuum Systems, Steam Jet Ejector Combination System with Water Jet Ejector or Water ring Vacuum Pump, Thermocompressor, LP / HP Feed Water Heaters, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Turbine Bypass Valves, Steam Conditioning Valves, PRDS, Multi Nozzle Desuperheaters, High Pressure Butterfly Control Valves, Cage Guided Globe / Angle Type Control Valves and severe service control valves with Velocity Control Trim etc.

We have techno-commercial association with LVI' SYSTEMS (LE VIDE INDUSTRIEL) France, an Industrial vacuum specialist with 45 years experience, provider of one of the world largest vacuum unit (1.400.000 m3/h at 0,1 mbar abs) to an Arcelor Mittal unit. LVI' SYSTEMS is an established name as a specialist for designing and manufacturing industrial vacuum products and provider of turnkey solutions for any industrial vacuum applications as well as heat and fluid transfer solutions. With years of experience gained over the most demanding markets in over fifty countries, LVI' SYSTEMS constantly innovates with materials that have established international reputation especially in high technologies. With our strategic alliance, we are the official sales partner of LVI' SYSTEMS for its complete range of vacuum products / solutions in Asian, African and Latin American countries.

Jet Flow Design, Manufacture and exports Multi Stage Booster, Ejector and Vacuum
Pump Combination System with Shell &
Tube Inter-Condensers (Indirect Contact) for Edible / Vegetable Oil Plants .

Jet Flow design, manufacture and exports Multi stage Booster, Ejector, Vacuum System with
Mixing Condenser (Direct Contact) with cooling water
re-circulated directly through cooling tower for Edible / Vegetable Oil Plants.

Jet Flow is one of most trusted and and among the very few leading manufacturers, designing Spindle Operated Stage Ejectors (Single Nozzle) to handle variable suction and discharge pressure, wherein a pneumatically operated spindle goes in and out of the nozzle orifice to control flow of motive.

Jet Flow supplies Combination Type Ejector System wherein three / four stage Steam Jet Ejectors and can coupled with water jet ejectors or water ring vacuum pumps, in case of low steam pressure applications. Combination Type Ejector systems are highly used for process applications including distillation, evacuation, drying, crystallization, evaporation and cooling.

Jet Flow Design, manufacture and exports Single Stage Water / Liquid Jet Ejectors / Eductors wherein high pressure water / liquid is used as motive, to create vacuum as low as 50 torr.

Jet Flow is one of the few leading manufacturers, designing Multi-Nozzle Ejectors which can reduce steam consumption by 10% to 20% as compared to Single Nozzle Ejectors (designed for the same conditions).

A multiple nozzle ejector generally has one nozzle on centre and the remaining of the nozzles are evenly circled around it.

Jet Flow supplies Water / Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps with Air Jet Ejectors (Atmospheric Air Ejector) as additional pumping stage for your requirement of higher vacuum up to 10 torr
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