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Web Designer, Programmer, IT Professional

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Yeah........I should probably close that port

For anyone trying to get MP3 streams to play in Firefox on Linux without installing flash:

You want the grstreamer-plugins-ugly package (or gstreamer1-plugins-ugly on Fedora). This packages includes lib-lame, which is what you need to decdode MP3s.

Also, if you want HTML5 streaming on SoundCloud, go to the extras section of your profile in addition to installing the above package. You'll need to restart your browser after these changes as well.

#Firefox #Linux #soundcloud  

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Just in case anyone out there still thinks it's a good idea to leave your SSH port exposed, here's a list of all the unique IP's that have tried to access my server over the last seven days (and keep in mind, each IP made numerous attempts).

I was lazy and wanted to configure my server remotely while at work (haven't set up OpenVPN yet). No breaches yet, but I think next time I'll opt to be a little more patient and work on it at home until OpenVPN is running.

If you're running CentOS, you can get a list for yourself with this command:
cat /var/log/secure | grep -oh '[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}' | sort | uniq

Take note that it includes IP's which you have been accessing your server from as well.

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I Can Understand The Pain 😂😂😂

I've got a Galaxy S4 that I use for work, and we're allowed to flash our devices with custom ROMs. After a lot of frustration and research, I've found out that because the phone has been updated to Android 4.3 (firmware MK2, it's a Verizon phone), I can't use Loki and put CWM & Cyanogen on it.

The only option seems to be SafeStrap, which relies on the stock kernel, so ROMs have to be built specifically to work with the kernel provided by Samsung.

Short of doing a diff between the CM kernel and the Samsung one (is that even possible? I know there's a GPE ROM for the S4, but is the stock kernel source available?), what is the best way for me to find out the differences between two? I'd like to find some way to get CM on my S4, even if it means recompiling CM with significant changes to fit the Samsung kernel (I've compiled CM from source and used it before, and I'm familiar with Java and C/C++, though I'm not intricately familiar with the inner workings of CM and the changes made to the Linux kernel for it.).

It'd also be nice if someone can confirm for me if this is a futile effort. I'm sure there's a good reason nobody's released a SS compatible version of CM yet, but an explanation why would be nice.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. TouchWiz is driving me nuts. I miss using CM on my Galaxy Captivate. :(

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Yesterday: Joke about iOS 7 being buggy.
Today: Post asking why Android is being buggy.

Only in the CyanogenMod G+ group....

Today I learned that Windows 7 will not install if you have any Linux RAID drives connected to your computer. Even if you're installing to a freshly formatted drive. The same thing happens with Window's very own Dynamic disks connected.

Microsoft never ceases to amaze me with the stuff they allow to ship. I mean really, how did their QA team let this slip past them?

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I've discovered a new kind of black magic

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Great article on HDD reliability with first-hand statistical data. I've been thinking about buying some more storage space for my server recently so this has been very helpful.

For now, I'm debating between getting two 3TB Caviar Reds (WD30EFRX), or two 3TB Hitachi Deskstars (HDS723030ALA640). The Reds can be found on Newegg for about $133 with a three year manufacturer warranty, but you can get the Deskstars on Ebay for $127. Better customer service (Newegg vs Ebay) and warranty, or better long-term reliability? Decisions, decisions...
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