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Shelley L Fuller, P.C.

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Do you have an old conviction or dismissal on your record that is making it difficult to find an apartment or a job?  If the answer is yes, give my office a call for a free consultation to discuss your options to clean things up.  #expungments

Please note that the office will be closed beginning Wednesday, November 26th at 2pm through November 30th.  We will respond to you as soon as possible on Monday, December 1st.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Did you know that if you are in an auto accident and your car is relatively new that you can make a claim for "diminished value"?  Make sure that you obtain a report from a qualified expert to determine the value loss.

Your criminal record can affect you getting jobs, apartments and other things.  Give me a call to check your eligibility for an expungment of prior arrests, dismissal and convictions.  The process can take up to six months on average.  Don't delay!

In a very short time your kids will be back in school?  Are you parenting plans up to date and do they reflect the current plan that is being exercised?  If not, it may be time to come in for a consultation.
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