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Anyone in the Martinsburg, WV / Hagerstown, MD area? Looking to start a new group (GM and 1-4 players, plus the occasional pick up). Planning on meeting and playing in local gaming store "Your Hobby Place" in Martinsburg.

Hello fellow Shadowrunner and Game Masters.

I posted this in the Facebook group before, but I thought I'd give it a try here as well.. 

I am looking for ways to make the game more immersive for me players since we are switching to a pure virtual environment after a long hiatus.  
We used to play at a table, but now schedules have changed and people moved, we will be using Roll20 as our main interface.
However, I am looking for ways to make my campaign more immersive for my players once we get started again. I am thinking about using Twitter for short messages between players/GM/NPC to simulate com-link and AR text communication. Since Tweets are limited in how much they can display at a time and would fit nicely for this, in my opinion.

If you don't mind sharing some tricks of the trade, what techniques or tools do you guys use in your groups to make it more immersive?
Thank you kindly..
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