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Eddie Doyle

Hello, doubletwist on my PC is no longer connecting with my phone via airsync so I am unable to sync any new music. It will start loading the phone information as usual but then I get a "device connection lost" error. After a few seconds it will start loading the phone information again but then cuts out with the same error. This goes on for as long as I keep DT open on my PC. The wifi signal strength on my phone is "excellent" with 144 Mbps link speed.

If I connect via USB, it recognizes my phone but won't read what types of files are already loaded. Instead of separating them into music, video, pics, etc, everything is blocked as gray and it just says "other".

Neither my phone nor PC are new. I have been using DT for several years and never had this problem before.

I re-installed DT last week on my Moto Droid Turbo 2 phone. Was initially fine, but every morning it would have a database error and couldn't find the library. If I reset my phone it would work again until the next morning, but today I have restarted my phone five times and it still can't find the library. I get an "unknown error" when trying to reset the database. This is the exact same problem which popped up last year and caused me stop using DT. The reason given at the time was some change to how Android OS reads data from a micro SD card, but hasn't that been fixed by now?
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