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@Microsoft's #windows10 has an outrageous privacy policy that allows the sale of your data, tracking, and more. Did I mention Cortana requires you to sign in with a #Microsoft account, allow Microsoft to #track your typing, inking, and speech in all applications, not just Cortana, and allow Cortana access to your location whenever she wants.

Does this sound like something you should pay $200 for?!!

It's time. Microsoft, +Google , +Adobe, +AOL , and every other company making non-free software is taking over your privacy and your rights. But there *is* something you can do.

Close Windows.

Open the door to freedom.

Join the @FreeSoftwareFoundation and take control of your computer, your data, and you privacy.

Stop using Windows and switch to GNU/Linux today. It's easier that you think.

Free free to comment if you have questions about GNU/Linux and free software.

Be free.

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70th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing.

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Robot's are NOT allowed to donate to libre office.

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best cloud ide ever. great storage. great ui. great pricing.

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best cloud ide ever 1g ram and 3 g disk in your own custom ubuntu docker with an awesome ide! sign up now!

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Try this. Not only can you code in the cloud, but you get get an always-on ubuntu docker container in the cloud that can be used as a web server. Plus they added commands to the terminal to integrate it with the IDE.

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“In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which […] we cannot read?” “My answer to that question is: ‘No, we must not’.” said Cameron.

In your country, then, do you want to allow people to have private conversations between themselves? You have said no. If a GCHQ drone followed you to your house each night and spied on everything you said, you would be furious. As would I. But somehow you have decided that you have the power to spy on everyone else. And now, you are essentially banning encryption?!!!!! I am quite glad to live in the US, where I can at least use an e2e encrypted service.

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great stuff
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