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Thomas Unterstenhoefer
Do things accurately and never without passion.
Do things accurately and never without passion.

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Bigger than bigger
Rumors and wishes for 2018

“Bigger than bigger” was Apple’s slogan for the iPhone 6/6 Plus models. With the edge-to-edge display the slogan got a redefined meaning. The X is not the end of Apple’s long way to a “perfect” mobile device.

Well ”Better than bigger” would be the slogan I’d like to see in 2018.

5.8, 6.1, and 6.5. Meh.

I miss an edge-to-edge display in the 4” housing of a “Smaller than bigger” iPhone SE with a “Cheaper than wickedly expensive” price, 110g (3.93oz) weight, and Touch ID on the backside.

Here’s what NIKKEI, the world’s largest financial newspaper has followed up with something even bigger.

The details ...

Thanks for dropping by.

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An example for an innovate concept

A product can be called innovative if it hits lots of people and leaves much room for further improvements.

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The G+ team added some stats
(sadly for moderators only)

It‘s the Community Insights Dashboard.
I hope we will see this feature in the mobile app as well. In my opinion it should also be available for members.

Here are the latest numbers of +Stefan Svartling’s Apple community.


You can also get essential numbers via CircleCount
using the community link

”Active Members” shows the total number of members who posted, commented, voted on a poll, or +1’d posts or comments during the chosen timeframe.



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Another improvement (for moderators only)

It‘s the Community Insights Dashboard.
I hope we will see this feature in the mobile app as well. It should also be available for members.

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It’s about time, Google!

The search giant is late with a powerful search for its content network Google+.

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Do’s and Don’ts
in Google+ communities
(Here it’s about the G+ community “Apple”.)

If a community is large it’s attacked by spammers and trolls each day (and night). The task of G+ moderators is to immediately take action, either by removing posts (this happens about 50 times/day) or even ban members (this happens about 20 times/day). Members like valuable content, both curated and original.

So please support the work of moderators.
They do their job in their leisure time and are not on the payroll of Google or anybody else.

You’ll find guidelines in each community’s “About this community” section. Google Plus-ers take their community rules seriously. Even if you have the best intentions, you will quickly be reprimanded or even removed for not following the rules. Keep in mind these simple rules:

• Be respectful.
• Stay on topic.
• Abide by copyright and Fair Use law.
• Post high-quality content.

Read more about special topics
in our category “Community News”.

Thank you.

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The X
a compact iThing

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Instantly on,
always connected,
and a week of battery life

These new Always Connected PCs are ultrathin, beautifully designed, running Windows 10 and a new, optimized version of Office 365.

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French surgeons, led by Dr. Thomas Grégory, head of the department of orthopedic and traumatological surgery of AP-HP Avicenne Hospital, livestreamed what they're calling the

"world's first surgical intervention performed with a mixed reality collaborative platform."

Using HoloLens, the surgeons were able to superimpose holograms over patients to help visualize portions of the patient's anatomy while operating. And because each surgeon was wearing a headset, each could work collaboratively, viewing the same model in the same position.
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