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Pastor Nancy Advincola
Jesus Christ, Family, Life and everything in between
Jesus Christ, Family, Life and everything in between


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Everyone has their own interpretation on the issues of life; however if your conclusions are made by how people react, then you can be derailed from the truth ... ‪#‎Food4Thought‬,

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Don't allow anyone or anything to have the last say in your life, marriage, career, etc. Because, it's up to God and you, no one else ... #Food4Thought,

Loving this rainy weather; because it motivates me to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with my hubby ... #FeelingRomantic ,

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Never, ever be afraid to share a kind gesture with someone; because you don't know if the Lord placed that desire in your heart and by not giving way to it, your detaining someone's blessing and yours, too ... #Food4Thought,

I'm so excited because once again, I'm getting ready to start a new blog ... #GoodEveningEveryone,
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