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Burning Real Wood vs. Fire Logs (

There is just nothing quite as cozy as sitting in front of a fireplace on a cold, wet, dreary day in January... and that is exactly what we are doing today! And, yes, that is an actual fire that we lit in just minutes using just one fire log!

You might be surprised to learn that, when it comes to burning natural wood vs. fire logs, the healthiest and greenest choice are the manufactured fire logs. Not only are they better for your health, they are better for the environment.

When wood smoke is released into the air, it becomes pollution due to the combination of gasses and particles... which can also cause lung disease and other health problems. Studies have proven that manufactured fire logs emit less particles into the air and give off up to 75% less harmful gasses than real wood. Because of this, manufactured fire logs are recommended over firewood by many respected clean air agencies.

And that's not all... manufactured fire logs give off approximately 2x more BTUs than normal firewood, which means they will keep you warmer!

Are you ready to join us by the fire? Get your fire logs on our website:

#fireplace #logs #HappyNewYear #DoitBest  

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Lost A Manual? We Have You Covered! (

Losing a #manual can be a pain in the you-know-what. We keep them for a variety of reasons, maybe you want to have warranty info ready, spare parts are often taped to the manual (I do this a lot).

Maybe you threw it into the trash by mistake. Or perhaps goblins ran off with it. If you've been scrambling around your shed or garage trying to find the manual that goes with that tool, then we have a resource for you. At any rate losing the manual is no longer a problem.

After all manuals are important. They tell you important safety information and best practices on how to use your tool. They also include warranty information.

If you have misplaced your tool manual never fear! At Do It Best Hardware we have a range of PDF manuals on our website. You can easily filter the search results to find manuals from the specific brand of tool that you have. If you have an account with us you can add the manual directly to your product collection.

To see our full set of manuals check out our website through the link above.

#tools #manual #homeimprovement

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Mess Makers (

If you live with #dogs, or #cats, you know that they can be prone to making messes. Sometimes small messes, and sometimes bigger ones.

In the case below, I think it's safe to assume who the chief culprit is!

If you can't be bothered to wait around for your bulldog to learn how to pick up after herself, it might be time to bring out a little extra help, like the kind you get with a Shop Vac.

We have a large selection of vacuums on our website, and when you have this handy 1 gallon wet & dry machine under your counter, messes won't last long.

1 peak HP by-pass motor. Dent resistant plastic tank. Automatic float shut-off stops wet pickup when full. Compact and portable with a convenient top carrying handle. Reusable dry filter Model No. 901-07-62 with easy-to-use mounting ring. 6' power cord. 95 cfm (cubic feet per minute). Includes 4' x 1-1/4" hose, crevice tool, and gulper nozzle. Replacement filter bag available. Red and black.

Click on the link above to see the full description or browse through other available machines on the website.

#vacuum #ShopVac #funny #housecleaning
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Did You Know Most Homes Are Under-Insulated? (

If you find yourself constantly blasting the #heater in your home, it is probably due to the fact that its still winter, but also, you could be losing valuable heat because of poor insulation in your home.

Do you know the most common areas of a home that are the cause of heat loss? If you thought of our attic or basement being poorly insulate, you're on the right track! Improperly insulated attics or basements can cost homeowners or renters as much as 30% extra per year on their utility bills.

An article in Greener Ideal discusses insulation in the attic and basement in a recent blog post we wanted to share today:

Nearly every home is built with some form of insulation in its exterior walls, but it may not be enough to properly reduce energy loss from your home. The minimum levels of insulation called for in many local building codes aren’t anywhere close to what the U.S. Dept. of Energy recommends for comfort and energy savings today.

By sealing air leaks in a typical older house and upgrading insulation levels in the attic and basement (the two most accessible areas for adding insulation), it’s possible to cut heating and cooling costs by 30% or more.

The environmental impact of these savings is significant: fewer carbon emissions from furnaces, boilers and electrical power plants that burn fossil fuels.

Full article here (

Also, make sure you visit Do It Best online, we have a huge selection of window and insulation equipment to make sure your heating bills stay reasonable this winter. Follow the link at the top of today's post to check out our website.

#insulation #winter #homeimprovement #tips

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Farm Dogs (

These #dogs look like they're really enjoying their day. Who amongst us has not wanted to take a stroll through a perfectly planted corn field?

I'll be honest, I'm completely jealous of these dogs.

Did you know in 2015 $133.1 billion worth of American ag products were exported around the world? The US sells more food to international markets than we import.

2 million farms dot America’s rural landscape. About 99 percent of U.S. farms are operated by families – individuals, family partnerships or family corporations.

Source (

Speaking of farms, did you know Do It Best carry's thousands of products and tools to help farmers manage their land better? Whether you're looking for welded wire fences, mineral blocks, horseshoes, trail cameras, tanks, fence and gate hardware - hey, where are you going!?

You get the point, right?

Whether you're just setting up a grow box in your backyard, or providing wholesale produce let Do It Best be your farm supplier.
And just so you know, with our FREE ship to store feature, you won't have to order with the worry that maybe what you get won't be exactly what you need.

#farming #tools #equipment #producers
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Interview with Do It Best's Gary Loosle (

Ever walk the aisles of #DoItBest hardware stores and wonder how all the awesome products end up on the shelves? It's not as simple as you might think, and Gary Loosle is just the guy to shed some light on the topic.

Gary grew up working around his parent's hardware store, and has now been part of the Do It Best family for about 12 years. Currently, Gary works as the garden merchandise manager at a wholesale level.

+Hardware Retailing Magazine published an interview with Gary recently we wanted to share with you today:

HR: Why are new products so important to the independent retailer?

GL: New products are a great way for independent retailers to differentiate themselves from other retailers, especially the big boxes. In particular, look for regional items. Big box stores have a hard time working with regional niches because so much of what they do happens at a national level.

In addition, independent retailers can be the ones who get the new product first. Don’t be afraid to be the first one to try something new. Some stores only want to add a new item after it’s been out in the marketplace for a while and sold well in other stores. Those who do that will miss out on the initial excitement surrounding the product and won’t be known as the place to go to find what’s new.

Check out the full interview through the link above!

#wholesale #hardware #interview

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Support Your Local Hardware Store (

Part of what we love about being the world's largest #hardware store is the ability to work with members of so many communities and get a feel for so many types of personalities.

Imagine going into your local hardware store's garden section and then suddenly turning the corner and having a flashback to Jurassic Park! You might be startled at first, but hopefully have a nice chuckle afterwards.

We're assuming this is, in fact, not a real velociraptor.

Speaking of local stores, did you know you can get any item shipped to your local Do It Best hardware store completely free? Here's how it works:

Your online order ships FREE when you choose to have it delivered to a participating Do it Best store! Your products will be shipped via truck from our warehouse to your local store. When it arrives, you'll receive an email letting you know it's ready to pick up.

Click the link above to visit our website and visit the store locator for a Do It Best location near you.

#local #tools #gardening #funny

image credit to reddit user goodstorydan

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Spring Time Garden Care (

February is here and #spring is nearly upon us! Spring is the time when the landscape begins to change. The leaves grow back on the trees after the winter frost and flowers come back into bloom. Spring is also the perfect time to get your garden back into shape after winter.

We wanted to share this article about some spring-time garden tips:

Pruning deciduous trees and shrubs for structural health is one of the most important landscape tasks to prioritize. Trees that have been left alone too long or were never properly pruned may not endure storm breakage, or they might continue into the next season with diseases like fire blight. Fruit trees need regular pruning for quality yields.

February is a great month to test your soil in the vegetable and/or planting beds. Lawn areas can be tested, too. A professional soil test will report what nutrients your soil needs and how much organic matter is present.

Click the link to read the full article (

If you need to upgrade or purchase new tools for your spring gardening plans you're in the right place! As the world’s largest hardware store we can provide you with all of your garden tool needs. Visit our website through the link here ( to browse our full selection!

#gardening #tools #lawn #growing

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Spring Cleaning is Just Around The Corner! (

Spring is a great time to touch up the #paint the outside of your house. Fighting the winter blues by adding a splash of bright color can be just what you need to get ready for warmer weather.

Winter can also be harsh on the exterior of your house. Harsh winds, rain and snow can strip away the paint work and leave your home looking unsightly. A fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your house will breathe new life into your property.

At Do It Best Hardware, we stock a wide range of painting supplies and materials. If you are looking to give the outside of your house a spring makeover we have all of the items you will need.

Scaffolds will help you to reach the top of the exterior walls as well as high quality paint brushes and rollers. Don't forget the most important item that we sell to help you give your house a fresh coat: the paint itself.

To see our full range of paint and painting supplies browse our website through the link above!

#painting #homeimprovement #springcleaning

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Birthday Wish Lists Made Easy - (

There is nothing like the excitement of a #birthday. Seeing your loved ones and celebrating another year older (or wiser, if you don't prefer to bring up your age).

However, birthdays can also be a stressful time especially if you're shopping for someone who is extremely picky. You always want to make sure that you get your loved one a great gift for their birthday. You don’t want to disappoint and give a bad gift.

Well worry no longer about not buying or receiving the wrong gift! You can always make a wish list on the Do It Best Hardware website. That way your friends and family can shop your wishlist and make sure to get you the ultimate birthday gift!

Making a wishlist is easy!

Simply browse our wide range of products on our website and click on the ‘wish list’ button under the add to cart button. No matter if your wish list includes power tools, automotive tools, gardening tools or anything in between we have your dream gift covered!

#hardware #tools #wishlist #DoITBest
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