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Promoting Active Lifestyles through Running Information


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So what does a wider toe box really have to offer? Well the folks from Altra Running posted the pic to the left on their FaceBook page of what your foot looks like in the Altra shoe vs. the traditional shoe.  This x-ray image is pretty revelaing and IMO shows what is causing a lot of running releated injuries in today's distance runners. I am a firm believer that everything starts from the ground up and your feet is the only thing stabilizing you as we walk/run. If your foot has the ability to open up, you are more stable and have the ability to focus more on your workout then your PF (plantar fasciitis) or metatarsalgia.

I've been wearing Altra's for almost a year now (had to go back to my running log and verify) and I have to say I love them. This year I have had no running related injuries and have had some respectable racing times (PR's in 5K (18:26), 10K (40:59 in August, inTexas!!!) and Marathon (3:03:57)). Could the shoe be the reason why? Maybe, I have used them for all my training runs and have used them in some races and I have felt more powerful with every stride. in 2013, Altra has a whole new lineup coming out (including a racing flat!!!) and I can't wait to get my hands on them. What are your thoughts on a wider toebox?


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