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Nothing evokes a sense of wonder quite like a sprawling mountain range, unending planes, or the infinite.

Yet noticing this flower for the first time really brought home the endless beauty that nature has to offer. This little stalk stands as a reminder that nature is beautiful, no matter the scale. From the greatest forest to the smallest plant, there will always be amazement to be had. 

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If you spend a lot of time tab completing long filenames, manually sanitizing command arguments, or manually keeping track of lists, this suggestion may be worthwhile. I've written programs to make my own life easier. Now, a tutorial exists for these utilities. The attached PDF is a tutorial for anyone interested in being more productive on the command line, and for anyone wanting the source (and binaries), both are in this repo:

No source file exceeds 30 lines, so if you need a modification, either message me or change it yourself.
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