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Aluminum 3DPrintMi Released
After spending two years designing, documenting, and refining the 3DPrintMi, I am now releasing the next iteration, Aluminum 3DPrintMi, to the general public. As an open source project, I hope my printer will give those interested the opportunity to build a...

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Did another round of #3DBenchy with the M3D but also with my reprap, 3DPrintMi.

The purple PLA (Hatchbox) 3DBenchy was printed on my reprap with an E3Dv4 at .1mm, 30% infill. Took about 2h45min to complete. 

The clear PLA (M3D) 3DBenchy was printed on the M3D at high quality (unsure what layer height), medium infill setting. Would've taken 5h16min to complete but the filament started to strip and stopped coming out 3/4 of the way. 
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Pulled it out of the box, installed the proprietary software, sliced 3DBenchy, and walked away. Print quality isn't that bad but the slow print speed is killing me. Had to scale the model down and it still took an hour.  #M3D   #3dbenchy   
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Hey All,

The 3D printing club at Bradeis University are hosting a printathon this coming weekend. They are looking for more collegiate teams to enter so if you know any clubs who is looking for a challenge, tell them to join!

If you haven't checked out the MakerLab at Bradeis, this weekend would be a good time. They have 10+ 3D printers and they are doing some amazing things over there. Come check it out!

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Finally got the auto-leveling/tramming feature working. Sharing my experience.

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Aluminum 3DPrintMi - Automatic Bed Leveling/Tramming
Auto-Leveling Sweetness Hey all, 2 week ago, I was able to install and test the new auto-leveling/tramming (whatever you want to call it) feature in the Marlin firmware. I always wanted to add this feature to the 3DPrintMi. I was always on the fence because...

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Build Log #? - Aluminum 3DPrintMi quick overview
Back again and reviving this good ol' build blog with some new content. I mentioned on my last post I was working on revamping the 3DPrintMi by switching it a more robust frame. After that, I got tied up with work and never found time to post my progress. S...

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3D printed a functional socket wrench, same model NASA emailed to the ISS. 
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Accidently turned off the fan used to cool my Printrboard halfway through a print.
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