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Punisher platoon! Echo company!

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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.

Carry on, my wayward son. There'll be peace when you're done. Lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more...

Tossed about like a ship like a ship on the ocean, setting a course for winds of fortune, yet I hear those voices say...

We sit by and
watch the Barbarian, we tolerate him; in
the long stretches of peace we are not
afraid. We are tickled by his irreverence,
his comic inversion of our old certitudes
and our fixed creeds refreshes us; we
laugh. But as we laugh, we are watched
by large and awful faces from beyond:
and on these faces there is no smile.

Body: I don' wanna go to work! I'm sore and I ache and I haven't eaten enough and I need to poop and I ache and-

Brain: Goddamnit body move your fat lazy ass outta bed!

Body: whimper

Men are your castles. Men are your walls. Sympathy is your ally, enmity, your fall.

-Japanese Death Poem.

uuuugggh... have not slept for ten hours like that in forever... feeling sluggish

slept all day, today... feeling much better.

uuuuuuuuugggh! Three nights straight of working on that damned factory floor and I feel like the walking dead. I don't fucking WANT to go back there!

And I don't wanna be doing this shit for the rest of my life, either. better get some marketable skillz...
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