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_TERMINAL_CODERS_ is a security and programming related personal blog. Home Page:
_TERMINAL_CODERS_ is a security and programming related personal blog. Home Page:


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Buffer Overflow Tutorial: Socket Programs
Hello GuyZ,      This video tutorial shows how the hackers exploits remote services running in remote systems and how to get access to it. Here I'm using custom socket program, which is a vulnerable to Stack Buffer Overflow. The program is ECHO server, whic...

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Snow Falling Animation in JavaFX
Hi GuyZ,           This tutorial will show how to create snow falling effect in JavaFX. The first step is creating snow particles. The best shape to create snow particles is circle. So, first we have to create some circles to make them snow particles. Code ...

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Timer Enabled Browser in javaFX
Hi GuyZ,          This is another utility application created by me for event ` zeITgeist 2K17 ` conducted by Kannur University, Mangattuparamba Campus. This application is coded in JavaFX, my favorite programming language for creating interactive graphics ...

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ZaulTimer: A JavaFX based Animated Timer for Competition Events
Hi GuyZ,      The ZaulTimer is a JavaFX based animated timer created for IT fest conducted in Kannur University Campus, Mangattuparamba. The JavaFX is my favorite language which I have used for creating animations enabled applications. Window with hidden ti...

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Buffer Overflow - PROTOSTAR STACK 6 - Exploiting in x64 Linux...

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Buffer Buffer Overflow Exploiting - PROTOSTAR STACK 6 in Linux x64
Hi GuyZ,      This is another tutorial on Buffer Overflow... Here we used the `PROTOSTAR STACK 6` challenge code is used to exploit in Linux x64 Linux... Source Code #include #include #include #include void getpath()
char buffer[64];
unsigned int ret...

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Linux x64 - Bind Shell shellcode Generator
Hi GuyZ,      This is another shellcode generator by TERMINAL_CODERS. This python program can generate the bind shell shellcode for desired port. The port number must between 501 and 9997. Source Code #!/bin/python
import socket
import sys

Linux x64...

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Linux/x86_64 - bindshell (PORT: 5600) - 86 bytes
Hi guyZ,      This is another shellcode developed by TERMINAL_CODERS. The shellcode can bind port 5600 and execute the commands received from hacker. Source Code /*

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Sort Algorithms: Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Radix Sort, Heap Sort and Shell Sort in One Program
Hi GuyZ,      This is the source code which contains Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Radix Sort, Heap Sort and Shell Sort algorithms implementation. Source Code #include <iostream>
#include <queue>
#include <cmath>
using namespace std;
class Show{
void ...

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Linux/x86_64 - Read /etc/passwd - 65 bytes
Hi GuyZ,      This is another shellcodes shared by TERMINAL_CODERS. Source Code >/*

Linux/x86_64 - Read /etc/passwd - 65 bytes

Ajith Kp [ @ajithkp560 ] [...
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